​Information System Department


Computer Labs

The IDC computer labs have approximately 60 computers, equipped with the newest software which is frequently upgraded.
The computer labs are open for student use, and are designed to allow students to do computer exercises related to their coursework and engage in programming in the various computer languages taught at IDC, to print papers and assignments and check e-mail.
In order to use the computer lab printing services, one must first purchase a printing/copying card.
Every student at IDC is given e-mail service. Assistance in using e-mail is provided by the on-site attendant who can assist users.


Opening Hours:

Sunday through Thursday: 8 AM – 8 PM
Friday: 8 AM – 2 PM
Saturday: Closed
On the eve of holidays and vacations a separate announcement will be posted indicating possible changes in opening hours.


Regulations Governing Computer Lab Use:

A professional attendant is always present in the lab and, in addition to his/her supervisory role, also serves in a tutoring capacity – to help solve problems related to operation of the computers as well as provide basic assistance in the use of the various programs. Students are expected to follow the attendant’s directivesons, including the following general rules:


  • It is forbidden to bring food or drink of any kind into the computer labs.
  • Cellular phones must be turned off upon entering the labs.
  • Silence must be maintained in the computer labs.
  • The attendant is prohibited from assisting students in solving computer exercises.
  • Students who do not know how to use a program are invited to borrow the appropriate textbook from the library or turn to their teaching assistant during his/her office hours for assistance.
  • To allow for more efficient usage, users should carry their username and e-mail password with them when they come to the lab.
  • The labs must be kept clean at all times.
  • To introduce changes into the IDC’s website or to create any personal or commercial publicity web pages within it is strictly prohibited.
  • Changing or downloading any of the software or hardware at the computer labs is strictly prohibited.


Computers in Lecture Halls:

These computers may be used solely with the permission and under the supervision of an instructor or teaching assistant from the computer department. The use of displays during classes must be coordinated with staff administration after receiving the above-mentioned permission.


Library Computers:

There are 50 computers in the library designed for student use. They may only be used to access the databases provided by the library. These computers are linked to a printer to print out search results.
Library computers may not be used for any other purpose. Should any difficulty arise while using them, the user should turn to a librarian at the desk for assistance.
Please note that some of the databases can be used only with the help and under the supervision of a librarian.


Printing Procedures:

Students may print at the labs, library and information kiosks only. Printing is done by means of a copying/printing card which can be purchased in the library copying room.
Do not touch the printers at any time. In case of a problem please turn to the attendant.
Printing paper is supplied on the premises and there is no need to feed it into the printers.
Printing on transparencies can be done only with the permission and supervision of the attendant.
Please note: All printers at IDC are black and white. Color printing is not available.