​The Masaryk Distinguished Chair​


Through the generosity of the Czech government the Masaryk Distinguished Chair was established at IDC Herzliya, enabling us to host Czech scholars on campus for the purpose of research and/or teaching.

Official Czech Republic website where Czech scholars may apply >>Rationale

The Chair is open for applications from Czech scholars and researchers of social sciences and humanities, including political science, international relations, strategic and security studies, sociology, economics, business, psychology, media and journalism, history, Jewish studies, cultural studies. Applying scholars must be active and recognized by their respective Czech and international scientific community, active in publishing.

Board Members

IDC Board Members (ex-officio)

Chair Holders: Present and Past

Tomas Samec
Research Topic: Economic Sociology and Housing Studies

Tomas Kocar
Research Topic: Air Law (mainly licensing of air carriers, air passengers’ rights).

Radim Marada
Research Topic: History of football, fandom cultures (transnational fandom), extreme sports and adrenalin culture, history and social power of cultural forms

Kristyna Troneckova
A doctoral student of Psychology: the aim is to describe the important relationships of seniors to their spiritual life and personal satisfaction in a multicultural context.

Jiri Holy
Research Topic: Jewish and Israel Studies

Thomas Novotny
Research Topic: Studies of the cults and new religious movements

Jakub Zahora
Research Topic: International Relations, Security Studies, Israel Studies

Zuzana Masopustová
Research Topic: Developmental Psychology, Psychological Counselling for parents

Marcela Zoufala
Research topics:
*Contemporary Israeli Culture, Society and Religion (syllabus)
*Being Jewish in Central Europe Today (monograph)
*Through the eyes of Czech Jews: Jewish Identity and Contemporary anti-semitism (research)

Veronika Kudrova
Research topic: Higher Education in Israel

Pavel Zacek
Research topic: International Terrorism in the 1980s Documented in the Czech Archives

Tomas Pezl
Research topic: Property Relations between husband and wife in Jewish, Islamic and Roman - Jewish Law part

Lenka Bezoušková
Research topic: Property Relations between husband and wife in Jewish, Islamic and Roman - Islamic Law part

Katerina Lojdova
Research topic: New perspectives on socio-psychological processes within classroom

Lena Arava – Novotna
Research topic: Crises and religious changes and the paradigm of a solution (16th-18th centuries): Mysticism in the early pre-political attitudes in the work of Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesus Society

Zbynek Tarant
Research topic: “A Small Nation In a Distant Land” – Reflection of the Munich Agreement andthe Second Czechoslovak Republic in the Press of Eretz Yisrael.

Pavel Pseja
Research topic: Europeanization in Israel

David Kocourek
Research topic: effects of enforcement on the elasticity of suicidal and non-suicidal terrorist attacks

Marcela Zoufala
Research topic: Sources and Manifestations of Anti-Semitism in contemporary Czech Society

Pavel Pesja
Research topic: Rabbinical courts and their jurisdiction in Israel

Tomas Hejduk
Research topic: The tradition of non-political politics or what should man do in the face of illegitimate power

Stanislav Balik
Research topic: The Jewish View onto Connections Between Anti- Semitism and Political Catholicism in Central Europe before World War II"

Irena Kalhousova
Research topic: From a Staunch Ally to an Honest Broker: a Blueprint for Czech Republic’s Future Role in the EU

Tomas Pezl
Research topic: Judicial Review in both Israel and Czech Republic, where in Israel I am interested quite a lot in the relations between the Jewish and democratic principles of the state and in particular the relationship between religious and state justice in Israel.


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