Leveraging Israel’s Liabilities into Assets from within the Community

We hold a series of encounters with Israeli communities, the first one was a visit to Israel’s northern regions. We  heard first hand about the recent security developments on the border, Hezbollah’s mission to arm itself and the civil war in Syria. As part of our efforts to explore Israel’s assets on a wide range of issues, we also visited the Tel-Chai Academic College and MIGAL Galilee Research Institute.

Shaping U.S. & Israel’s Public Opinion

We devoted time to raise awareness & help shape public opinion on burning issues such as the UN organizations' abuses, the UNGA bias and the Kurdish referendum. Raising awareness on the new members of the UN Human Rights Council.

Launching a new online journal- “The Arena”

The Institute established “The Arena” as an online journal to serve as a leading professional forum at the national and international level for publications on innovative diplomacy and international relations.

“The Arena” will be published in Hebrew and English both as a quarterly journal and as a current affairs magazine combining in-depth analysis alongside op-eds by leading experts. Its uniqueness lies in linking academic research with a practice- and policy-oriented approach. Its target audience comprises decision makers, members of the foreign and security services, academics, media experts and many more, both in Israel and abroad.