Virtual clones in VR environment

Funded MSc in Machine Learning/Natural Language Generation

For a 2 year project, we are looking for a highly motivated MSc CS student with (at least) basic background in programming 'deep learning' in Python and NLP, to work on a thesis funded by a scholarship. We are looking for students who can dedicate at least 50% of their time to research.

In this project you will learn to work with cutting edge transformer models and architectures (such as GPT-3), fine tune their output and evaluate the results. You will take part in developing virtual humans that inhabit virtual reality (VR) scenarios. The thesis is under joint supervision of lab head Prof. Doron Friedman and Dr. Kfir Bar, an NLP expert with both real world and academic background, and you will collaborate with ARL lab members with multidisciplinary background, and some of our colleagues in universities and companies in Europe.

Research Assistant: Social Science

The role includes project management tasks and "producing" VR experiments, and preparing and analyzing data. No prior technical background is required but a positive approach to working with technology is required.

Previous background required in research methods, planning and running behavioral experiments in the social sciences, or in project production. Some of the projects may be suitable for MA thesis projects.

Current research project where we need your help:

  1. Analysis of communication patterns in adolescents on the autism spectrum in augmented reality.

  2. Assisting in VR research aimed at reduction of stereotypes towards elderly.

Producer and Administrator

Project Management. We are looking for an organized person with administrative ability. Skills for working with people is required. A passion for learning more about new technologies in interactive media, artificial intelligence, virtual and/or augmented reality is a plus. The position may also be suitable for undergraduate students who have time between classes.

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