2017-2018 Winning projects


Eyal Michaelov, Maor Ofek, Shai Eizenman, Ynon Ben Ari

Retro Defender Shooter VR experience. The player is in a crash site on an unknown planet, fighting for his life with his co-pilot, chased by the alien minions of those who shot them down. The player will have six degrees of freedom within the environment and will use it in order to take cover and fight. The player will use his weapons and physical shield in order to fight waves of enemies. The weapons are controlled by the VR controllers. The purpose is to destroy as many enemies as possible before being eliminated, and conquer the score board.

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The divide

Adam Ben-Hanania, Anna Wojciechowska, May Grabli, Meital Goldberg, Natalia Kushnir

The Divide is both an abstract and artistic virtual reality experience aimed to bring understanding and compassion to both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Through an abstract scene, users will see how "meeting in the middle" is the only way to reduce hostility from both sides. There may never be a perfect solution to the current conflict but the best way to move forward is by working together to create peace and developing an understanding that neither side is unequivocally correct. Only through perseverance and acceptance can we create change.

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Gilad Ostrin

ARgo is an experimental Unity game that explores how we can interact with a mixed reality world. Drawing inspiration from classic DOS games like 'The Incredible Machine', this experience challenges players to solve puzzles with out any controllers! Catch a glimpse into the future of AR development!

A screenshot from the game