At the 15th annual Herzliya Conference, the President of the State of Israel, Mr. Reuven Rivlin, presented his "Four Tribes" vision and called for a new domestic national order for Israel.

The Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS) Herzliya, in collaboration with the President's Office, formed a national steering committee of 26 members who represent the four tribes that comprise Israeli society, including top opinion and community leaders, senior academics, and business executives. The main output of the project was a policy document prepared by the Institute's steering committee in cooperation with the President's Office. Presented to the 16th Herzliya Conference, the document proposed policy recommendations to enhance inclusiveness and equality among the emerging components of the Israeli society. The policy document identified courses of action for coexistence and a widening of commonalities, which will lead to a more inclusive society that will respect the unique contribution of the respective tribes.