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​"Adverse Selection and Intermediation Chains"PresentationDiscussion
​"Leverage Constraints and Asset Prices: Insights from Mutual Fund Risk Taking”PresentationDiscussion
​"Loss Averse Preferences, Performance, and Career Success of Institutional Investors"PresentationDiscussion
​"Forced Asset Sales and the Concentration of Outstanding Debt: Evidence from the Mortgage Market” ​PresentationDiscussion
​"Comparative Advantage and Specialization in Bank Lending”PresentationDiscussion
​"Debt Restructuring Costs and Firm Bankruptcy: Evidence from CDS Spreads"​PresentationDiscussion
​"Liquidity, Innovation, and Endogenous Growth"PresentationDiscussion
​"Information Architecture and Intertemporal Choice: A Randomized Field Experiment in the United States"
​"Prospect Theory and Stock Returns: An Empirical Test" Presentation​Discussion
​"Playing it Safe? Managerial Preferences, Risk, and Agency Conflicts"​PresentationDiscussion
​"Expected inflation and other determinants of Treasury yields"PresentationDiscussion
​"Credit-Induced Boom and Bust"​PresentationDiscussion