​We offer five​ MBA Programs:

  • Master in Management Analytics

New joint program for IDC's Arison School of Business and Mannheim Business School in Germany – Master in Management Analytics.  Benefit from the best of both worlds in this unique joint master’s program: You will be exposed to the essentials of entrepreneurship and innovation, AI, big data, and analytics in Herzliya, in the heart of start-up nation Israel, and the challenges of growing and running a large corporation that utilizes data analytics to create and sustain competitive advantages in Mannheim, one of Germany’s strongest and most successful metropolitan regions with close ties to industry global players.

      • Global MBA
        The Global MBA Program provides future business leaders and executives with the theoretical knowledge and practical tools to conduct business in the global arena. The program offers two tracks: Strategy & Business Development and Innovation & Entrepreneurship, making it possible for students to focus on a specific field of study while also participating in the core courses in general management taught from a global perspective.
  • ​​MBA in Healthcare Innovation​

This one-year MBA in Healthcare Innovation is the first-of its-kind

in Israel. The program is led by a highly qualified and

dedicated team and brings together all the best elements

of Israeli innovation and academics to provide an MBA

experience which is unparalleled. ​​​

  • One Year MBA Program
    A Unique and Accelerated Program. The Arison School of Business is offering a one year MBA program focusing on management of fast-growth, innovative companies. The program combines MBA content customized for management of high-growth companies, with study in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. The program comprises relevant practical experience, including the options of practicing in start-up firms, internships in different companies, or participation in practical projects with the guidance of lecturers and managers from the industry.
  • MBA | AI & Big Data Specialty
    Over the past decade, there has been a revolution in human history, in which a new era has been created, the information age. Graduates are designed to lead the management world in the new age, where managers are required to use the Big Data and Machine Learning capabilities on a daily basis to make decisions.​​​
  • ​MBA Program (Hebrew only)
    The IDC offers an MBA Program which is designed to prepare executives for changes in the modern business world and is taught in Hebrew. MBA degree in one of our Specializations: Real Estate, Management in the Digital Age and finance.

​Additional programs at the Arison School of Business:


  • M.A. Organizational Behavior & Development (OBD)
    Offered in both English & Hebrew, the MA program in Organizational Behavior and Development is unique in its synthesis of the disciplines of social psychology, organizational psychology, business administration and management, as well as in its teaching concepts and methods.
  • M.A. Financial Economics
    The M.A in Financial Economics is a joint program of the Tiomkin School of Economics, The Arison school of business administration and the Raphael Recanati International school. The M.A certification is Issued by the Arison School of business administration, the program is unique to Israel and built on the backbone of similar programs from the worlds'  top universities.