Dean's Welcome



More than ever before in human history, managers and businesses operate in an unstable and uncertain environment. Our mission is to educate business managers on how to lead and succeed in such turbulent times.

Our students grow not only professionally but also in their managerial and leadership skills. They learn not only the standard core concepts of business education but also the most advanced ideas and tools. They are exposed not only to theories but also to real world business examples and insights.

​Our professors are world-renowned scholars and practitioners, who are not only experts in their fields but also have lectured at the world’s top universities. They are not only leading scholars but also outstanding lecturers. ​
Our program is innovative and is continually updated to reflect new developments in business education and the global arena. It is international in many dimensions - students, professors, specific courses and trips.

Studying in such a program gives students a significant advantage in developing international connections and in discovering global business opportunities.

Prof. Dov Pekelman

Dean, Arison School of Business