Michael Trusov, SDA Bocconi
Michael Trusov is a Professor of Marketing at the Department of Marketing at Bocconi. His research interests include Internet Marketing (social media marketing, search engine marketing, social networks, clickstream analysis, electronic word-of-mouth marketing, e-commerce, recommendation systems, consumer-generated content), Text Analysis, Eye-tracking and Data Mining. Professor Trusov has extensive industry experience. He spent seven years working in the area of software development and IT consulting in the Southern California region, specializing in marketing automation, database management, Internet applications, and e-commerce.

​David Dubois, Insead
David Dubois is an Associate Professor of Marketing and the Cornelius Grupp Fellowship in Digital Analytics for Consumer Behaviour at INSEAD, where he co-directs the Leading Digital Marketing Strategy Programme. David holds a PhD in Marketing from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. His research intersects digital technologies, online consumer behavior, brand management, the psychology of power and status, luxury consumption, social influence and digital consumer behavior. Prior to joining INSEAD, he was a faculty member at HEC Paris and has experience in the advertising industry. 

Shawndra Hill, Microsoft Research NYC
Shawndra Hill is a Senior Researcher in the Computational Social Science Group at Microsoft Research NYC. Prior to joining Microsoft, she was on the faculty of the Operations and Information Management Department at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She studies data mining, machine learning and statistical relational learning and their alignment with business problems. Specifically, she researches the value to companies of mining data on how consumers interact with each other on online platforms — for targeted marketing, advertising, health and fraud detection purposes. Her current research focuses on the interactions between TV content and online behaviors.  

Dina Mayzlin, University of Southern California
Dina Mayzlin is Professor of Marketing at USC’s Marshall School of Business. Her research focuses on how businesses manage social interactions. She also studies advertising and communication strategies. Professor Mayzlin's research has won a number of awards, including the John D.C. Little Best Paper Award, the ISMS Long Term Impact Award, the O'Dell Long Term Impact Award, and the Frank M. Bass Outstanding Dissertation Award.   Prior joining USC, Professor Mayzlin served on the faculty of Yale University's School of Management.

Edith Shalev, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya
Edith Shalev is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya. Her research focuses primarily on social influence, establishing how the consumers’ position in a social network shapes their psychological states and their susceptibility to group influence, how a user’s typicality affects consumer’s judgment of the user and the product, and how user sentiment in online review websites affects others’ decision to become their followers. Prior to joining IDC, she earned her doctorate in Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and on the faculty of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Andrew Stephen, University of Oxford
Andrew is the L'Oréal Professor of Marketing and Director of the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative. He has a particular interest in issues that lie at the intersections of marketing, consumer behavior, and technology, and is a strong proponent of the use of data-driven, analytics-focused approaches to marketing. His research focuses on digital marketing and advertising, and especially how social media works for marketers and how consumers behave on social platforms. In addition, Andrew is the founder and director of the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative, which is a collaborative network of academic-industry partnerships.

Dean Eckles, Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT)
Dean Eckles is the KDD Career Development Professor in Communications and Technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), an assistant professor in the MIT Sloan School of Management, and affiliated faculty at the MIT Institute for Data, Systems & Society. He was previously a member of the Core Data Science team at Facebook. Much of his research examines how interactive technologies affect human behavior by mediating, amplifying, and directing social influence — and statistical methods to study these processes. Dean holds degrees from Stanford University in philosophy (BA), symbolic systems (BS, MS), statistics (MS), and communication (PhD).

Silvia Bellezza, Columbia Business School
Silvia Bellezza is the Gantcher Associate Professor of Business in Marketing at Columbia Business School. Her research focuses on consumer behavior and symbolic consumption–how consumers use products and brands to express who they are and signal status. Professor Bellezza’s work uncovers the role of alternative signals of status (e.g., nonconforming behaviors, lack of leisure time) and establishes new perspectives on brand communities (e.g., the distinction between “Brand Tourists” and “Brand Immigrants”). Before joining Columbia, she earned her doctorate in Marketing at Harvard Business School and worked in the marketing departments of L.V.M.H. and Dannon.