​​This is the first non-thesis certification program of its kind in Israel to underscore the impact new media technologies have on many aspects of our lives.

The program offers two tracks: The first, Communication Strategies in the Digital World, offers students a greater understanding of the contribution new communication technologies have made to the way ideas, products, organizations, and political candidates are introduced and promoted; and the second, The second, Society and Culture in the Digital Age, offers students a greater understanding of how new technologies are effectively changing modern societies, through the prism of cultural effects.

The undergraduate program's faculty includes leading researchers and lecturers. The program strives not only to offer students a quality academic framework throughout the school year, but also to foster a warm, close-knit community, comprising both students and faculty, which will continue to thrive past the students' graduation.

This unique program​ offers an innovative and friendly academic environment.​

*The graduate program is taught only in Hebrew.


Program Highlights:

  • The program focuses on current trends in the world of digital media, and explores its future implications on culture, politics, and society.
  • The program integrates the theoretical and practical aspects of media, and incorporates academic research with practical applications.
  • The program offers two tracks: Communication Strategies in the Digital World, and Society and Culture in the Digital Age.
  • The program caters to busy professionals, with classes held on Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings across three academic semesters.
  • The program affords graduates extensive knowledge and expertise in communications and new media, and strives to train leading professionals and researchers in the field.
  • The IDC Career Center consults and assists students and graduates in finding employments opportunities.
  • English versions of all of the PowerPoint lectures will be available for download before each class.
  • Students will be able to hand in all assignments, make all class presentations and write all exams in English.