The undergraduate (B.Sc) program in Computer Science prepares students for careers in systems development and technology entrepreneurship. The program also provides a strong foundation for advanced graduate and doctoral degree studies in Computer Science and related fields.

The program spans three years. It includes mandatory and elective courses in Mathematics, Computer Science, Business administration, communication skills in English, as well as general elective courses. All the school's faculty members are internationally-renowned researchers and lecturers. The program is offered in both Hebrew and English.

Both programs are identical in academic terms, and are taught (mostly) by the same faculty members. The administrative aspects of the English program are managed by the Raphael Recanati International School (RRIS).
The Computer Science curriculum includes a business administration or economics path as well.


Our undergraduate program offers a balanced mix of modern systems development skills and a rigorous understanding of Computer Science theory. We also offer a selection of business courses in marketing, finance, and high-technology entrepreneurship.