​We offer four B.A. Programs in Economics:


  • B.A. in Economics with Cluster in Technological entrepreneurship (Hebrew only)

  • Double Major B.A. in Business Administration & Economics
    In the competitive marketplace, interdisciplinary knowledge provides graduates with significant advantage in a variety of professional and academic fields. A multi-dimensional understanding of the global economy and financial marketplace provides students with the quantitative and analytical skills requisite for success in both private and public sectors.
  • Double Major in Economics & Sustainability (Hebrew only)
    A three-year program of study for a double-major BA in Sustainability, accredited by Israel’s Council of Higher Education. The program will train future decision makers in the fields of economics, offering the program's graduates an advantage in a wide range of professional areas involving issues of sustainability.
  • Accounting Program (Hebrew only)
    In today’s competitive environment, possessing interdisciplinary knowledge is a significant advantage in a wide range of occupations. Executives must fully comprehend the factors that shape the local and global economy, while economists must acquire managerial and practicable tools.