We offer two additional M.A. Programs (in Hebrew only):


  • Public Policy & Administration​
    The specialization aims to provide its graduates interdisciplinary knowledge and critical understanding of public, economic, social, and legal processes, occurring in public policy in the last few years in Israel and ​around the world. The studies are intended to develop in its students leadership expertise, provide them with analytical tools, public evaluation, and train them for senior position in the public and third sector.

  • ​​​Political Marketing​
    ​The specialization in Political Marketing will focus on the marketing of political candidates, parties, platforms in various political systems, and on public diplomacy. This unique program equips students with tools and techniques necessary for effective political campaigns (in the domestic and international arenas). It highlights global, comparative and Israeli perspectives.​

  • Graduates of AF/N/ROTC Programs, Military Colleges, or those with career goals in the US armed services please click here to learn more about the Anna Sobol Levy (ASL) Scholarship.