We Offer Three B.A. Programs in Government:

  • One Major in Government 
    A three-year one major B.A. in Government. The first two years of study provide the students with a comprehensive academic foundation in the fields of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy and with the analytical tools needed in the modern world. During the final year of the program, students select one or two areas of specialization.
  • Double Major in Government & Sustainability
    A three-year double major BA in Sustainability & Government. The program based on the significant changes that have occurred in recent years in the Israeli and global environment, the economy and society. The program teaches aspects of policy and decision making that balances environmental, social and economic issues within the international arena, with a deep understanding of national security considerations along with environmental, economic and social aspects.   
  • Double Major in Government & Law (Hebrew only)
    The program grants students a double degree: LL.B in Law and B.A in Government, within four years, and it enables law students to gain broad knowledge in government studies; to become acquainted with the Israeli governmental systems and to compare them to foreign systems; to learn about the central issues shaping the international agenda; to understand the diplomatic arena as well as to gain political and administrative analytical skills. All these provide law graduates, over and above their training as lawyers, with a relevant and effective interdisciplinary approach for various fields of practice in the private sector, public sector and diplomatic arena.