The LL.M. program is designed for students with an LL.B. degree (or an American J.D. degree) who would like to raise their expertise in the legal world. the LL.M. Program offers specializations in the areas of corporate and commercial Law. Though Radzyner Law School does not have a large faculty, it boasts the greatest number of faculty members who specialize in business law than other institution of higher education in Israel.


The program benefits from the tradition of cooperation between the various schools at IDC Herzliya, specifically between Radzyner Law School and the Arison School of Business. This coordination, which is unparalleled at any other Israeli institution of higher education, enables the LL.M. program to include high-quality courses on topics such as Finance, Accounting and Theoretical Economics. This diverse combination provides students with greater intellectual abilities than any other program leading to an LL.M. degree, as it is not only based doctrinal law; yet allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding and apply diverse skills to any scenario, either in theory and practice.


The philosophy underlying the LL.M. Program at the IDC rests in the notion that some business lawyers specialize in the practice of law and some concentrate more on theoretical aspects. However, only those lawyers with a comprehensive understanding of both the theory of and the practical applications of the law can be truly distinguished business lawyers. The IDC strives toward this excellence by combining theoretical courses (such as Law and Game Theory and the Economic Approach to Law) with numerous practical courses; interwoven into the LL.M. program.

Graduates of the program will be granted a Master's Degree designating their specialization in the area of Business Law.