We Offer The Following Programs:


  • LL.B in Law and B.A in Business Administration


The program prepares its graduates to face a quickly-changing environment with emerging information technologies and global markets.

Students in this program have a choice of majoring in one of the following: Marketing; Finance; Information Technology; Real Estate or International Business Law.

Upon completion of their studies, students will be entitled to two certificates: LL.B Graduate in Law and B.A. Graduate in Business Administration. At the conclusion of second year, students may elect not to complete the B.A degree in Business Administration and to receive the LL.B certificate in Law only, with an internal certificate testifying to their Business studies.


  • LL.B. in Law and a B.A. in Psychology


The students who are accepted to participate in the program will receive a distinctive education at the highest level in both disciplines, granting them a significant advantage after graduation. This is the only way to obtain a truly interdisciplinary education which will enable the students to continue their studies in advanced degree programs provided with the requisite knowledge, or which will enable them to enter the professional world equipped with the real, practical tools of both disciplines.


  • LL.B in Law and B.A in Government


The program grants students a double degree within four years, and it enables law students to gain broad knowledge in government studies; to become acquainted with the Israeli governmental systems and to compare them to foreign systems; to learn about the central issues shaping the international agenda; to understand the diplomatic arena as well as to gain political and administrative analytical skills. All these provide law graduates, over and above their training as lawyers, with a relevant and effective interdisciplinary approach for various fields of practice in the private sector, public sector and

diplomatic arena.


  • LL.B. in Law and M.A. in Financial Economics


The Program is directed at those who fulfill high admission criteria with high analytical abilities. In this Program students will receive in-depth training in both fields, with emphasis on the economic-financial field. In addition to the legal tools, the Program provides quantitative, theoretical and practical tools in the fields of economics, finance, risk-management and additional topics. Graduates of the Program will be able to integrate into the public and business sectors as lawyers, financial managers, economists and analysts.


  • LL.B. in Law with a direct route to M.A. in Government


During their law studies, students will take the necessary courses that prepare them for further graduate studies in Government. The study program includes specialization in Public Law and Human Rights in which students will take specific courses such as a practicum in Public Law, International Humanitarian Law, legal writing and more. In addition, students will benefit from the Lauder School of Government Mentorship Program in which they will receive personal guidance by leading professors in a variety of fields and specialties in the relevant areas of Government in Israel and abroad; including policy design, strategy, diplomacy and Conflict Studies, politics, public policy, Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security and more.


  • LL.B in Law with a direct route to a Master's program (MBA) in Business Administration


During their law studies, students will take the required courses to allow them  to continue to the MBA (pre-requisites). The law curriculum includes a specialization in Commercial Law, in which students will take specific courses such as a Business Law Practicum, a course on regulation and derivatives, a workshop on international negotiations and more.

The MBA will be taught in English during 5 mini-semesters, and will focus on innovation and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on unique challenges and coping with growing companies.

The studies on the Accelerated MBA will include practical and relevant experiences, including participating in external accelerators, internships in different companies and integrating in practical business projects, guided by professors and leading managers from the industry.


  • Honors Program


The Radzyner Law School Honors Program, being the first of its kind in Israel, offers a limited group of outstanding students a unique study track that integrates theory with practice and intellectual commitment with social involvement, thus encouraging excellence and broadening candidates’ horizons in all areas of legal study and practice.

The Program is open to students of all study tracks in both their first and second years of study, thus creating a dynamic, diverse group of students that is able to draw on their various areas of study and contribute to a vibrant discourse.


The program includes advanced courses such as:

  1. writing workshop
  2. theory seminar
  3. practical seminars with leading legal practitioners, in various fields of law (in the private, public and third sectors)
  4. unique research seminars
  5. courses given by visiting lecturers from the top international law schools, and more.