​​​Our Graduate Programs:


  • MA in Social Psychology  (Hebrew Only)
    The MA Program in Social Psychology was constructed based on our strong conviction that the field of social psychology offers knowledge and tools that are critical in addressing some of the biggest challenges of the world today, including violent intergroup conflict, prejudice and discrimination, inequality, political intolerance, and more. IDC is home to some of the most innovative work today on the issue of intergroup conflict and social change, with some of the world's leading researchers in the field among our faculty. The program will prepare students for both a research and an applied career as social psychologists. Students will learn the foundational theories, methods, and domains of research of social psychology, alongside the uniqueness of the field of intergroup relations, conflict, and social change.


  • ​MA in Clinical Psychology  (Hebrew Only)

      • MA in Organizational Behavior & Development (OBD)
        Offered in both Hebrew and English, this  program is unique in its synthesis of the disciplines of social psychology, organizational psychology, business administration and management, as well as in its teaching concepts and methods. The program combines theoretical learning, action-oriented learning inside and outside the classroom, and supervised professional training. Program lecturers are leading scholars in their field, academicians of international repute who have extensive teaching and research experience in universities in Israel and worldwide.

        We believe that in order to become a professional in the organizational field, students must be exposed to the actual challenges organizations face today. We therefore collaborate with dozens of companies who open their doors to us and enable our students to experience first-hand how theories are put into practice. During the two-year program students explore various career routes and options, and we put special emphasis on assisting each and every one of them in developing their individual skills and in achieving their career goals.