About the specialization

​The specialization combines ideas, skills and practices for effective twenty-first century diplomacy and the understanding of conflict and conflict resolution. Students are encouraged to explore the great transformations currently shaping the global order and to develop the understanding, vision, and tools necessary to become leaders in managing those transformations. The specialization provides students with unique opportunities to analyze how international conflicts emerge, evolve, and how they can be managed or resolved through negotiation, mediation, post-conflict reconstruction, and track-two engagement. By gaining knowledge and tools, students will be equipped to address emerging trends in international diplomacy (including public diplomacy), international conflicts, and the range of complex challenges in the globalized world. Under the direction of Prof. Shaul Mishal the program also offers an elective concentration in Contemporary Middle East Politics - exploring the region’s turbulent transformation in pursuit of democracy, economic development, as well as its effects on forces born and bred in the region - Islamic fundamentalism, global jihad, and extreme modes of nationalism. Throughout the program, we emphasize the acquisition of practical skills and experience - including through individual internships, research and policy-oriented work with highly experienced practitioners - for dealing with twenty-first century regional and international challenges.

  • Program cost- 12,950$
  • Those with career goals in the US armed services, graduates of AF/N/ROTC Programs, or Military Colleges please click here to learn more about the ASL Scholarship.