​Application Process

The application process consists of two stages:

Stage 1: Your application will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee, based on the submitted material (essays, official transcripts, GMAT score, etc.).

Stage 2: Applicants who successfully pass stage 1 will be invited to a personal interview with the Admissions Committee. (Applicants living outside of Israel may be interviewed by phone, video conference or by a visiting professor).

The Admission Committee will evaluate and reach decisions regarding your candidature and you will be informed of your applicant status, once decided.

Admission Criteria


  • Completed undergraduate degree from a recognized academic institution.
  • Solid academic background as demonstrated by grades and overall GPA.
  • GMAT score (exemption may be granted for qualifying candidates).
  • Demonstrated professional experience of 3 years after the undergraduate degree.
  • Outstanding personal achievements.


Online Application


  • Complete the online application form, including essays for Innovation & Entrepreneurship or Strategy & Business Development, recommendation letters, transcripts and documents at: https://www.idc.ac.il/GMBARegistration/GMBARegistration.aspx/.
  • Upload to https://www.idc.ac.il/GMBARegistration/GMBARegistration.aspx/ * scanned official transcripts of previous academic studies (undergraduate or graduate degrees). The documents have to bear the official stamp from the issuing institution. Scanned photocopies of the original documents will be accepted only if properly notarized**.
  • Detailed CV describing professional experience.
  • Two letters of recommendation, preferably one from a source who can comment on academic abilities and one from a source who can comment on professional experience. We would prefer that all recommendations be sent directly to master@idc.ac.il.
  • Official results of the GMAT exam (where applicable). Applicants should ask the testing agency to send the results directly to the Arison School of Business, IDC Herzliya.
  • Candidates who do not have a quantitative degree must supply official quantitative GMAT score. A copy of the candidate’s Israeli identity card or international passport.
  • A short biography (Bio Form).

**An official, notarized, English translation must be submitted for all
transcripts not originally issued in English.


Securing your place in the program

Accepted applicants must pay a 9,900 NIS down payment in order to secure their place in the program. Please remember that only once the down payment has been received, is the applicants place secured, thus confirming their place in the program.

Application Period


Registration will open on January 1st, 2017

The Global MBA Program has a rolling admissions process, meaning that applicants do not have to submit an application on a fixed date but may submit their application at any time prior to the last deadline on August 1, 2017.

Due to the competitive nature of the admissions process, applicants are recommended to prepare their application well in advance of the deadlines. In particular, studying for and taking the GMAT is a lengthy process that should be
started in parallel with the application process.

The early application period is open from
January 1, 2017 until May 1, 2017.

The late application period is open from
May 2, 2017 until August 31, 2017.


Application Fee



The application fee is 300 NIS and covers part of the expense
of processing and evaluating an application to study at IDC

*The application fee can be paid in cash or check at the admission department, or by credit card via the internet (through the IDC online registration).

*The application fee covers part of the expense of processing and evaluating an application to study at IDC Herzliya. This fee is non-refundable, in any case, even if the applicant decides to withdraw his/her application, for any reason.


MBA Program Tuition



The tuition fee for the entire GMBA Program is 104,500NIS.

Paying in installments will incur additional charges.
*IDC reserves the right to change all tuition and fees rates without
prior notice.

Regulation for Cessation of Studies


A student who has been accepted for studies at the IDC and has paid the down payment will be considered an IDC student in every respect. In the event that personal circumstances arise which prevent a student from fulfilling his/her commitment to study at the IDC during the current academic year, the student may cancel his/her enrollment to study at IDC by formally notifying the administration office and the tuition dept. The IDC will charge the student for the relative tuition fee according to the date of the cancellation notification.

*Please read the paragraph below (procedure for cancellation) in order to prevent any misunderstandings in the future.

Procedure for Cancellation/Cessation of Studies

A student who has paid the tuition down payment for the academic year, and has decided to cancel his/her enrollment, must notify the administration office in writing. The student must submit the letter in person, by e-mail, send it by registered mail or fax it and confirm receipt by the department. In addition, the student must bring the receipts of all tuition/rent payments and all of the documents he/she had received from the IDC (including a student handbook and student card) to the administration office.


Only after all of the instructions above are completed and all tuition payments are settled in accordance with the below mentioned schedule, will the student's account be closed.


In order to avoid any misunderstanding, a telephone conversation will not be considered official notice of cessation of studies; only a formal notice in writing from the student, submitted to the student administration office will be considered valid in this matter.


*Should you be granted a scholarship be the IDC, the scholarship will be cancelled in case of cessation/termination of studies


Regulations for cessation or freezing studies of initiated by IDC Herzliya or by the Student
Global MBA 2017/2018

Date of notificationAmount owed
​By July 16, 2017​Full refund of down payment
​July 17-Aug. 11, 2017​25% of down payment
​Aug. 13-Sept. 3, 2017​50% of down payment
​Sept. 4-Sept. 24, 2017​75% of down payment
​Sept. 25-Nov. 9, 2017​100% down payment
​Nov. 10, 2017-Jan. 10, 2018​15% of tuition fee
​Jan. 11-Mar. 7, 2018​25% of tuition fee
​Mar. 8-Aug. 1, 2018​50% of tuition fee
​Aug. 2, 2018-Mar. 5, 2019​75% of tuition fee
​From Mar. 6, 2019​100% tuition fee