Further Information: 

  • Studies will take place twice a week: Wednesday afternoon and evening; Friday morning.
  • The three program semesters are: Semester A - October to January, Semester B - February to June, and Semester C - July to September. 
  • Between semester 1 and 2 there will be a research marathon (full weekend) to enhance students' design & prototyping skills 
  • Grading is based on course projects and position papers.

  • As a learning-by-doing program, class attendance is mandatory.
  • Electives can also be selected from other Reichman University programs and schools: MBA, Communication and New Media, Computer Science, Law, Psychology. Limited availability.
  • Students who wish to invest more time in their studies, can use the lab's prototyping workshops on additional days with no extra charge, and can take more electives without credit.
  • Thesis students will be encouraged to join a research team in one of the Reichman University research labs, and to contribute to journal publications and international conference presentations.
  • The program provides a limited number of scholarships for eligible students, based on unique achievements or professional excellence. Applications for the scholarship are open to accepted students only. Interested students are required to clearly state the reason they believe they deserve the scholarship based on the aforementioned criteria and send it by email to rris.master@idc.ac.il 

    The deadline for submitting scholarship applications is June 30, 2022. For additional questions, please contact the registration department

For the Program Brochure please click here

*For the entire list of courses please refer to the Student Handbook 

*The academic administration of Reichman University reserves the right to make changes to the curriculum.​