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We have made special arrangements to insure international students who are not covered by Israel’s national compulsory health insurance legislation.

The insurance plan with Harel Yedidim provides comprehensive health coverage for an annual $790 U.S. membership fee, which will be charged at the beginning of the year. In order for the student to have continuous coverage, the policy will automatically be renewed from one academic year to the next unless the student notifies the school in writing that he/she wishes to cancel it. Please note that the Harel Yedidim health insurance plan does not cover pre-existing conditions.


If you are interested in obtaining this health insurance, please make a note of it in the acceptance form which is emailed to you upon your acceptance to IDC. 


If you are taking prescribed medication, it is advisable to bring an adequate supply for the duration of your stay in Israel. If that is not possible, you should bring a doctor’s prescription (clearly typed in English) for the medicine that you are using, or a prescription of a generic medication that is suitable for your condition. If your medication is sent to you through the mail, you will be required to present a copy of the prescription to the Israel Customs Office before it can be released.


Please note:

All Israeli citizens who are registered for Bituach Leumi (National Insurance), including new immigrants (olim chadashim) are entitled to receive National Health Insurance for a low monthly fee.
New immigrants who are not working are entitled to twelve months of free health insurance under the national insurance legislation (Bituach Leumi).


IDC cannot cover medical costs or take responsibility for students who do not have health insurance.