Please read this section very carefully and make sure that you completely understand all that is entailed in living in IDC housing/dormitories. If anything is unclear or you require further information please contact Linda Goldstein or Mali Choresh at the housing office at or


In the 2018-2019 academic year IDC Herzliya students will have the option of enjoying the high standard of living offered in the 500 new, fully equipped residential units located in two 13-story towers on IDC Herzliya's campus.


The dormitory towers were planned and designed to meet green building standards along with all of the students' needs. The facilities will include study halls to enable students to focus on their studies and to maintain a varied social life. Each building will also have laundry rooms with washing machines and dryers at the residents' disposal, shomer Shabbat elevator and a prayer room.


The apartments will be available to international and Israeli students pursuing undergraduate and master's degrees at IDC Herzliya. The dorms will include apartments for single students, married couples (both IDC students) and accessible units for students with disabilities.

A skilled, experienced professional staff will maintain the dormitories and be at students' service on a daily basis. In addition, security services will operate 24/7. The housing fee will include: Wi-Fi; building fees; maintenance; gardening; cleaning of stairwells; and security. It does not include electricity, water, and TV services.


All apartments, except for the units for married couples, are designated for one student per unit. The apartments will be fully furnished to accommodate all residents' needs. Every apartment will have air conditioning, a private bathroom with shower, a bed (120cm\190cm for which linens are not included), and a kitchen area. The kitchen will be fully equipped with a refrigerator, electrical cooking top, microwave and an electric kettle. In addition, the apartment will have a desk, closet, TV, a dining table and chairs.


The rental fee for the single unit is $725 US per month.

The rental fee for the married couple's unit is $1100 US per month.

The contract period for students who wish to reside in IDC accommodation shall begin the day you move in and end September 30, 2019.



For more information regarding IDC dorms please see here





Until completion of the dormitories, students interested in accommodation through IDC, will temporarily reside in IDC apartments. These are privately owned apartments rented by IDC from private owners and sublet to students in groups of three to four. Upon completion of the dormitories, IDC will cease subleasing these apartments and gradually move all IDC housing residents into IDC dormitory suites. IDC undertakes to provide all necessary arrangements to make a smooth transition from IDC apartments into the IDC dormitories.


IDC apartments are located in residential neighborhoods throughout the city of Herzliya. All apartments are furnished to meet students' basic needs and include


• a bedroom for each student with a single bed (80cm\190cm for which linens are not included), desk, chair and closet

• a shared bathroom

•a shared kitchen with a cook top, refrigerator and washing machine

• a shared living/dining area with sofas, dining table and chairs


IDC is obliged to supply only these items. Any other required items must be supplied by the student.


The cost of the sublease of an IDC housing apartment is $650* US per month, from the day you sign the contract until the day you move from your IDC apartment to an IDC dormitory suite, at which time the monthly rental fee will be $725 US per month.


The rental fee covers rent, house committee fee, municipal taxes and maintenance charges. Students are responsible for paying utility bills (electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc.). Whilst residing in IDC housing apartments, students are responsible for arranging and paying for their own Internet connections.


In IDC apartments, there are a very limited number of rooms with a private bathroom, available for an additional $50 US/month. They will be allocated according to the date of payment of the $1,200 US housing deposit.



Reservation of a room can only be secured by payment of the housing security deposit of $1,200 US and filling in and returning the "Housing Questionnaire" included in the forms which you received by e-mail together with this booklet. Please note that the $1,200 US HOUSING SECURITY DEPOSIT is a separate payment from the $1,000 US TUITION DOWN PAYMENT.



Important notes

  • we cannot guarantee an apartment for those who do not pay the $1,200 US deposit by June 15, 2018 or within ten days of receiving your acceptance letter, whichever comes first
  • there is no option to see the apartments before signing the contract
  • signing the contract will require you to pay rent for the duration of the contract, even if you vacate the apartment/dormitory suite before the end of the contract
  • the housing contract ends on September 30, 2019 and once signed it is a legal and binding document
  • cancelation of IDC housing/dormitory suites after September 1, 2018 will result in penalties which are referred to in the contract



* Rental prices are subject to change according to the local real estate market.


You must coordinate your arrival with Housing Coordinators Mali Choresh and Linda Goldstein at the Raphael Recanati International School in advance by e-mail. Please contact them at or



Move-in dates for IDC apartments

• August 9, 2018 for Computer Science students starting the preparatory courses on August 12, 2018

• August 15-16, 2018 for students participating in the English and/or Math preparatory courses which begin on August 19, 2018

• October 3-4, 2018 for students starting school on Orientation Week which begins on October 7, 2018


Housing office hours during move-in dates are 9:00 to 15:00




Students requesting IDC accommodation will receive further information explaining procedures, rules and regulations regarding IDC housing. Information contained in these documents is subject to change.