• ​Shomrei Shabbat Apartments in the school's vicinity. IDC Housing offers housing for shomrei shabbat with other shomeri shabbat students.
  • Celebrating Judaism - Sabbath and Holiday
    Hillel at IDC Herzliya invites students to participate in pluralistic Jewish celebrations.
    Throughout the academic year, we hold Friday night dinners that provide a
    Jewish cultural experience. The program brings together students from across
    the IDC. In addition, there are the following holiday celebrations: Hanukkah,
    Purim and Lag Ba’Omer.
  • Weekly Gemarah Shiur- In these meetings we delve into fascinating issues on the various aspects of Jewish private and civil law. We illuminate Talmudic insights regarding human nature, ethics, natural justice, common sense, rhetoric and psychology. We learn how the Jewish scholars' aspirations for moderation and solidarity include rules to avoid separation and radicalism.
  • "The Mincha Club" – Daily Tfilla.
  • No school activities on Shabbat or Jewish holidays.