Ulpan Levels:

Aleph through Hey, with additional levels according to number of students requesting



A. New immigrant (oleh chadash) within first year of aliyah - 100 NIS (non-refundable registration fee)
B. New immigrant (oleh chadash) who receives funding from the Student Authority (minhal hastudentim) – 100 NIS (non-refundable registration fee)
C. New immigrant (oleh hadash) after first year of aliyah - 1,000 NIS (includes 350 NIS non-refundable registration fee)
D. IDC student on Student or Tourist visa - $1,100 (includes $100 non-refundable registration fee)
E. Tourist who is not an IDC student - $1,250 (includes $100 non-refundable registration fee)
F. Veteran immigrant (over ten years in Israel) - 1,250 NIS (includes 350 NIS non-refundable registration fee)


Cancellation Policy:

Registrants may cancel up to July 10th at 4:00 PM Israel time for a full tuition refund; however, the registration fee is non-refundable.

Fees should be paid at the IDC Tuition Department.

Withdrawal any time after July 10th, all fees are non-refundable.

*Withdrawal from the ulpan must be made in writing to ulpanrris@idc.ac.il.

**Ulpan levels will open contingent on minimum participants.**
**Ulpan is open for participants from age 18.**
**Housing is not provided for the Ulpan.**


Ulpan Registration Form

For registration and further inquiries please send an e-mail to ulpanrris@idc.ac.il 

Sarit Ben-Or, Ulpan Coordinator
Tel: +972-9-960-2771
Registration: ulpanrris@idc.ac.il
1 Kanfei Nesharim St., Herzliya