Meet the Fellows

Argov Class of 2020




Asher Adgo (Israeli, 1991), Government
Asher was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. in 1991, at the age of six months, he immigrated to Israel with his family. After graduating from high school, he enlisted to the IDF and served as a team commander (lieutenant) in the Givati Brigade. Upon his release, Asher worked for two years in security projects in Africa (Uganda and Congo) as a training team manager. During his studies at IDC, he took part in Israel advocacy programs and was part of a delegation to the University of Georgia. Asher is also a research assistant for two different studies in the Lauder School of Government. He speaks Hebrew, English and Amharic and wishes to integrate into the fields of media and academia.

Gal Agmon (Israeli, 1993), Law & Governmen 
Gal grew up in Kiryat Tivon. In the IDF, she served as an intelligence officer in an elite intelligence unit. At IDC, where she is on the Dean's list, Gal is the editor of the Law and Business Review, authorizing academic articles in various fields of law for publication. Gal was the head of the marketing department of the IDC Student Union, a member of the “ProWoman” club and she also participated in the Clinic for Social Legislation. She volunteered in the “Heroes for Life” humanitarian delegation to Guatemala and was a mentor in “Derech Hagalim,” a project supporting high school students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Gal speaks Hebrew and English. She aspires to influence positively Israeli society through a meaningful career combining law and diplomacy.
Sam Cohen (American, Israeli , 1992), Sustainability & Government
Sam grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland and moved to Israel after high school. After participating in a pre-army academy (“mechina”), he drafted into the IDF Home Front Command, where he served as an officer planning for and training search and rescue units. Sam has extensive experience in informal education: he volunteered as a youth leader in high school, worked five years as a counselor at a Jewish summer camp and led high school trips to Israel. At IDC Sam participated in the Debate Club and the “Shadow Government” program. Alongside his studies, he works in the office of the Director of the Ministry of Energy. Sam is married to Jordana, a nursing student. He speaks English and Hebrew and aspires to improve the world through a career at the intersection of the fields of energy policy and sustainability.
Alexandra Cohen (American, Israeli, 1990), Sustainability & Government
Alexandra is from Chicago and began to see the world in an international perspective following a semester abroad in Israel during high school. She has worked for multiple NGOs around the world, beginning in the Ocala National Forest in Florida, where she worked for the Amrit Yoga Institute as director of business development and lived on a farm in the forest. After moving to Israel in 2017, Alexandra began working for the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, where she hosts international VIP guests, introducing and connecting them to Israeli Innovation. She is also a certified yoga and meditation instructor and likes dancing, running, and rehabilitating animals. Alexandra speaks English and spoken Hebrew and aspires to connect innovative Israeli technologies with the global challenges they could address.
David Fiszon (French, 1999), Government (International)
David was born and raised in Metz, France. At age 14, he moved alone to Strasbourg, where he graduated from Aquiba High School and served as the equipment manager of the Jewish security organization. After moving to Israel in 2016, David studied and worked on Kibbutz Sha'alvim. At IDC, where he has a merit scholarship and is on the Dean’s List, David participated in the IDCMUN society, ISCA (Israeli Students Combating Antisemitism) and the Ambassadors Club and volunteered as a coordinator for "Social and Cultural at RRIS.” He is also a competitive long-distance runner, regional handball champion and staff member of a large web-writing community. David speaks French, English, Hebrew and Spanish. He aims to strengthen Israel’s international standing and to defend the interests of worldwide Jewish communities.
Dana Gur (Israeli, 1993), Business & Entrepreneurship
Dana was born and raised in Ra’anana, where she was a dance major at Ostrovsky High School and a guide for special needs adults. She served in the IDF Home Front Command as a search and rescue instructor, participating in emergency events including searching for survivors under rubble. Dana then worked for four years as a flight attendant, traveling the globe and exploring different cultures. At IDC, where she takes part in the business school honors program, Dana participated in the Artemis Club and has taken an active role in the “ProWoman” organization. Passionate about public speaking, she was a speaker at IDC’s first Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Dana speaks Hebrew and English and aspires to pursue a career that combines her passions in leadership, international relations, strategy and entrepreneurship.
Achinoam Harel (Israeli, 1992), Law & Government (M.A.)
Achinoam was born in Jerusalem and grew up in the United States and Israel's Jezreel Valley. She served for five years as an IDF liaison officer, first in the Gaza Division and then along Israel's northern border, working closely with the UN peacekeeping forces in the area. At IDC, Achinoam participated at the national and international levels in the International Humanitarian Law Red Cross Competition as a competitor and coach. She also took part in the Radzyner law school’s honors program and the Mock Court Program. Achinoam is an avid motorcyclist, has travelled around Africa on two wheels and writes for Israel's biggest motorcycle magazine. She speaks Hebrew and English and aspires to a career in impact investing – harnessing technological innovation to create sustainable solutions for improving lives.
Maya Nina Katz (Israeli, American, 1993), Business (International)
Maya was born in California and moved to Israel with her family as a baby. Growing up in Kfar Saba, she was active in the "Hashomer Hatzair" youth movement. In the IDF, Maya served as a NCO (non-commissioned officer) in the "Sar-El" unit, educating foreign volunteers about Israel, Zionism and Jewish culture. She later served as an education offer at the Israeli Navy headquarters. At IDC Maya was a part of the Gideon Group and remains an active alumnus of "Reservists on Duty" which confronts BDS organizations on worldwide college campuses. She served as head of the spokesperson department of IDC's Student Union and volunteers as a music center youth counselor. Maya speaks Hebrew, English and some French. She plans to pursue a meaningful career in business, strategy and international relations.
Daniel Kolos (American, Russian, Israeli, 1996), Government (International)
Daniel was born in Brooklyn, New York to a Russian- American family. After participating in a StandWithUs fellowship and working for three years at the local Jewish community center, he moved to Israel and volunteered preparing students for their verbal English exams. Daniel served in the IDF Givati Brigade as a combat soldier and received the basic training excellence award. At IDC he is an active participant in the Reservists on Duty Gideon Group partaking in a number of panels and events across the United States and was the co-manager of project “Ohr” advocacy program for international students. Daniel volunteers with lone soldiers and Holocaust survivors. He speaks English, Russian and Hebrew. Daniel aspires to pursue a career in the fields of diplomacy and security.
Arad Lerner (Israeli, 1991), Sustainability & Government
Arad grew up in Herzliya and served in the IDF as a brigade combat medic. After his release, he served for two years as the Jewish Agency Israel emissary for the community of Mobile, Alabama and spent two summers at Jewish summer camps. Since his return to Israel, Arad has served as the COO of the Rothschild Allenby market, worked in PR and as a debate instructor. At IDC, where he studies sustainability and government, he participated in the IDCONNECT club and served as a counselor at the RRIS and the head of external clubs and administration at the Student Union. In his free time, Arad volunteers at a high school and at the “Yadim” project renovating homes for the needy. Arad speaks Hebrew and English. He hopes to make a change in our world and the way we treat our planet through diplomacy and connections.
Liraz Levi (Israeli, 1990), Government
Liraz was raised in Kfar Saba. After serving as an analyst in the IDF, he worked for four years at a Jewish summer camp in Wisconsin. In 2015 Liraz moved to New York to serve as the Jewish Agency Emissary at the Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland County. At IDC he volunteered in the Student Union and took part in the MICS (Media in Conflicts Seminar) and the ISCA (Israeli Students Combating Antisemitism) programs. He also participated in the Ambassadors Club, StandWithUs fellowship and hosted a weekly show on the IDC radio station. Last year Liraz was part of the management team of Democracy Day and served as an orientation week counselor. He speaks Hebrew, English, Spanish and spoken Arabic and is interested in pursuing a career dealing with Israel's international relations and worldwide image.

Aviel Adam Menashe (Israeli, 1994), Communications (International)
Aviel was brought up in a Modern Orthodox community and studied at a Yeshiva in Bnei Brak. He served at the Minister of Defense’s (MOD) office, responsible for coordinating between the IDF chief of staff and the government decision makers. Following his service, Aviel was appointed to the HR department of the MOD’s acquisition delegation to the USA, responsible for contacts with the US State Department. As a communications student at IDC, Aviel managed the LGBTQ Association and led significant achievements in equalizing LGBTQ rights on campus. He also participated in the Marketing Club, receiving first place for the development of an outstanding marketing plan. Aviel speaks Hebrew and English. He hopes to mediate between different sides of political conflicts in order to create a more accepting society.
Omer Mucznik (Israeli, 1994), Law & Government
Omer was born and raised in Tel Aviv, where she was a counselor in the Israeli Scouts Movement and participated in a program to provide a structural framework for teenagers from low socioeconomic neighborhoods. She served at the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit as the spokesperson for the Givati Brigade. Following her discharge, Omer worked as a counselor at a Jewish summer camp in Pennsylvania. At IDC, where she is on the Dean's list, Omer took part in the Civil Litigation Practicum in association with the State's Attorney, the International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic, and is a tutor in "Olim L’Misphatim,” a program for new immigrants studying law. She speaks Hebrew and English. Omer aspires to work in the field of human rights law and to represent Israel on a global scale.
Saar Neri (Israeli, 1994), Law & Government
Saar was born and raised in Ramat Hasharon. After high school, he joined the IDF's combat Electronic Warfare Unit, serving as a team commander. At IDC, Saar is the editor of the university magazine, managing three reporters. He also participated in the International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic, the Criminal and Litigation Practicum at the Tel Aviv district attorney’s office, Model UN (IDCMUN) and the "Shadow Government" program. Saar volunteered at the magistrate court in Petah Tikva, assisting the legal aid department of the Ministry of Justice. He currently works as a pre-intern at a commercial law firm. Saar speaks Hebrew, English and some Spanish. Following his legal internship, he seeks to work as a litigator and play a role in strengthening Israel’s international influence.
Tanya Peterseil (Israeli, American, 1992), Law & Psychology
Tanya was born and raised in Jerusalem as the youngest of nine siblings. In the IDF, she served as a basic training commander for soldiers with criminal backgrounds. Upon completing her service, Tanya attended Rimon Music School in Israel, majoring in piano, vocal performance and composition. She has also been a gymnast since the age of three and now, as a certified coach, trains over 120 gymnasts a year. Tanya currently studies law and psychology at IDC, where she has completed an internship at the District Attorney’s office of Tel Aviv and has taken part in a legal mission in Düsseldorf, Germany. She speaks Hebrew and English and hopes in the future to work as a psychologist and to help her patients navigate the legal system.
Shirley Enegha Rahav (Israeli, Nigerian, 1992), Government
Born in Calabar, Nigeria to an Israeli father and Nigerian mother, Shirley’s family moved back and forth between the countries before finally settling in Israel. During her youth, she was a nationally ranked swimmer and also did track and tennis. In 2011 Shirley was drafted to the IDF 8200 intelligence unit where she served as an officer for seven years, completing her service with the rank of captain. At IDC Shirley was the coordinator of the Gideon Group, part of “Pro-Woman” and also a Birthright Excel fellow. Today she works in the Center for Israeli Innovation, serves as alumni coordinator for Reservists on Duty and is happil married to Yoni. Shirley speaks English, Hebrew and a little Japanese. She is interested in pursuing a private sector career combining her four passions: Israel advocacy, Africa, innovation and Japan.
Uriya Rosenman (Israeli, 1990), Psychology & Business
Uriya grew up in the village of Aseret. After years as a basketball player, he served for four years as a combat soldier and officer in an elite IDF special forces unit. Following post-army travels, Uriya worked for three years as a project manager and regional executive in a NGO educating underprivileged youth for leadership through science and entrepreneurship, while also preparing teenagers mentally and physically for meaningful army service. At IDC, where he holds a business school honors program scholarship, Uriya took part in the StandWithUs fellowship, the Gideon Group, IDC Debate Club, and also works as an educator at StandWithUs. He speaks Hebrew, English and basic Spanish. Uriya aspires to work as an educator, changing conceptions and methodologies in the field, and to establish a groundbreaking school.
Noa Shamir (Israeli, 1993), Law & Government
Noa grew up in Shmurat Hasharon. In the IDF, she served as a psychotechnical diagnostician, managing a team of 60 soldiers. At IDC, where she is on the Dean's list, Noa served for two years as the manager of the campus branch of "Prowoman", a national organization which strives to promote women to senior positions in Israel, and currently serves as the head of HR for the national organization. Noa participated in the annual Dusseldorf-Radzyner seminar, the law school's refugee rights clinic, the “Shagi” project aimed at lessening the cleavages in Israeli society and was an orientation week mentor. In 2017 she took part in the “Heroes for Life” humanitarian delegation to Guatemala. Noa speaks Hebrew, English and Spanish. She aspires to establish and lead international projects combining field work and policy-making in the area of international humanitarian law.

Ethan Sheinker (American, 1997), Government (International)
Ethan was born and raised in New York. In high school, he participated in state and national level youth leadership programs and Jewish advocacy organizations. Ethan transferred to IDC after two years in the US university system. He currently serves as a research assistant at the International Institute for Counter-terrorism (ICT), working on projects ranging from Islamic State radicalization in Western Europe to alt-right domestic terrorism in the US. Ethan also served as instructor and head of academics of IDC’s Model United Nations Society. He has a particular interest in the history of 20th century conflict and enjoys skiing. Ethan speaks English and plans to pursue a career in counterterrorism and national intelligence, as well as aid in strengthening the connection between American Jewry and Israel.
Or Shwartz (Israeli, 1991), Computer Science
Or is a technology enthusiast with broad experience in a variety of fields. He grew up in Haifa and later joined one of IDF's elite cyber security units. Or served for five years as an officer, leading top development teams and taking part in developing the next generation of IDF products. After his military service, he worked for several tech companies in software development positions. Or now works as a product manager at Otorio, a cyber security company. While at IDC, where he studies computer science, he joined and later managed a non-profit organization called “Givit,” which helps students in need. Or speaks Hebrew and English. He plans to continue his studies and to complete an MBA or a master's degree in computer science.
Asher Stern (Israeli, South African, 1993), Government (International)
Born and raised in South Africa, Asher moved to Israel in 9th grade. After graduating from high school, he spent a gap year performing with his a capella group “Kippalive,” making it to the top 40 on X-Factor Israel. Asher enlisted in the Israeli Air Force as a combat soldier in the Air Defense Corps, where he received a soldier of excellence award. At IDC, Asher is a Heseg scholar, RRIS Debate Club board member, intern at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) and member of Reservists on Duty. He is also the founder and manager of Project “Ohr,” an Israel advocacy program for international students. Asher speaks English and Hebrew. He hopes to continue to do what he loves in the future and work in Israel advocacy either in the public or private sector.
Luciana Wajner Saverin (Brazilian, Israeli, 1996), Government (International)
Luciana was born in Brazil and raised in Miami, where she always longed for a stronger connection to her Jewish roots. After attending a semester high school study abroad program in Israel, Luciana immigrated soon after, completing her studies at the American International School in Israel. She then enlisted in the IDF, achieving her goal of serving in combat intelligence. Following her army service, Luciana enrolled at IDC in the government program. She is a co-founder of the “Ohr” Israel advocacy program for international students. Luciana speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew. She intends to apply her government degree and passion for Israel to change perspectives of Israel around the world.

Goni Werbner (Israeli, Polish, 1992), Government
Goni is originally from Arad, a city in southern Israel. During high school, she was a volunteer medic assistant at “Magen David Adom” and is an alumnus of the “Aharai” youth leadership association. Goni served in the IDF as a combat medic in the Givati Brigade and later became a medical officer, continuing to serve in this capacity in the reserves. At IDC, she served two years as a class representative, interned at the ICT and participated in the Ambassadors and GreenBiz Entrepreneurship Clubs. Goni also co-founded a forum for IDC alumni working in the civil service. She completed her first half marathon through the Adidas Twenty-One Project and worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Goni speaks Hebrew and English and is planning to pursue a career in the fields of diplomacy or sustainability.

Eden Amare Yitbarek (Ethiopian, Israeli, 1997), Government (International)
Eden was born in Eilat, Israel and moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at age six with her mother and her younger sister. She moved back to Israel at the age of 18 and served in the IDF as a truck driver. Following her discharge, Eden enrolled at IDC where she is a part of the "Israel at Heart" leadership program. At IDC she is on the Dean's list and participated in the Ambassadors Club. Eden also works as a research assistant for the American Presidential Rhetoric Project at IDC. In 2018, she spent her summer interning at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. Eden speaks Amharic, English and Hebrew. She plans to complete a master’s degree and aspires to help create and advance policies that help minimize and fight social injustice.