Meet the Fellows

Argov Class of 2017



Yoni Adini (Israeli, Canadian, 1992)—Law and Government Student
Yoni was born and raised in the rural community of Bitan Aharon. In high school she studied in a theatrical track and participated in a delegation of the Jewish Agency to Los Angeles. Yoni volunteered as a counselor at the Reform Jewish Canadian Camp George. She served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as a counselor and commander in the special artillery "Moran" unit for which she received distinction. At IDC, Yoni participated in the Class Action Clinic as well as White Collar Practicum. She was a member of the editorial board of Law and Business and the head of the Student Union Elections Committee. Yoni is a member of the StandWithUs Fellowship in public diplomacy and the Tempus DO IT program for encouraging multiculturalism. She speaks Hebrew and English. Yoni hopes to attain a position which will enable her to impact national decision-making processes.
Taylor Amrani (American, Israeli, 1994)—Government (International) Student
Taylor, who is of joint Yemenite and American descent, left Los Angeles at the age of 18 to move to Israel on her own and join the IDF, where she served as an infantry instructor. She began her government studies at the Recanati International School at IDC immediately following her release from the army. Today Taylor works as a marketing manager at a finance technology startup. She has her own entrepreneurial aspirations for the future of Israel in both the private and public sectors and is exceptionally proud to be an Argov Fellow.  Taylor is fluent in English and in Hebrew. She is not yet ready to fully make her mark on the world, but she is continually seeking opportunities to develop the skill set which will help her do so.
Hadar Azulay (Israeli, 1987)—Government Student
Hadar was born and raised in Kiryat Gat in southern Israel. During high school she was involved in social and community activities such as "Aharai," an organization that develops young leadership and promotes social involvement among youth. After graduation, Hadar volunteered to serve in a combat unit in the IDF. She served as a platoon commander in an anti-aircraft unit in the Israel Air Force (IAF) and a company commander in the Iron Dome. Hadar is an active officer in the IDF and part of the "Ofek" academic program for IDF officers.  She is fluent in Hebrew and English. Hadar's personal interests include local government and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She wishes to contribute to Israel within the IDF and in the public sector.
Sharon Banyan (Israeli, 1990)—Law and Government Student
Sharon was born and raised in Omer in southern Israel and served as the chairwoman of the southern district's youth council in her senior year. She has served as the spokeswoman of the "Masorti" (Conservative) Movement in Israel for the past two years. Sharon served in the IDF Spokesperson's Unit. At IDC, she took part in the StandWithUs Fellowship, the International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic and participated in the national competition of the ICRC on International Humanitarian Law. Sharon represented the country in the world seminar of Moot International Criminal Court. She speaks Hebrew and English. Following graduation, Sharon plans a legal internship at the Ministry of Justice. 
Amichai Ben David (Israeli, American, 1988)—Psychology Student
Amichai was raised in Efrat, where he helped organize summer camps for new immigrants, "Magen David Adom" (the Israeli Red Cross equivalent) blood drives and neighborhood sporting events. After receiving a coaching certificate from the Wingate Institute, he established the first local girls soccer league and coached both the girls and boys soccer teams. After graduation, Amichai attended a "Yeshiva" (religious seminary) program in Ma'alot. In the IDF, he served as a commander and later on as a lieutenant and captain in the 401 Division of the Armored Corps and is now an active reserve officer. After his discharge, Amichai volunteered at “Simcha Layeled" organization for youth with chronic illnesses and disabilities, participated in the Ein Pratt Leadership Program, and currently volunteers with mentally ill patients. He speaks English and Hebrew and plans to work toward creating a better, stronger, more vibrant education system in Israel.
Moshe (Chiko) Ben David (Israeli, 1989)—Government Student
Chiko grew up in Holon and specialized in media in high school, taking an extra year of practical media studies. In the IDF he served as a commander in the Field Intelligence special unit "Chameleon." Chiko volunteers as an instructor in the "Aharai" program, preparing youth for army service and at the IDF Widows & Orphans Organization. At IDC, he worked with former MK Dalia Itzik as part of the Mentors Program, participated in the Shadow Government Program and was on the marketing team of the Media in Conflicts Seminar. Today Chiko is concluding an internship at the T.A.R.A. strategic consulting firm and working on a Foreign Ministry reform project led by Amb. Ron Prosor.  He speaks Hebrew and English. Chiko plans to pursue an MBA abroad and hopes to influence Israel foreign policy and to expand Israel's international relations through business and media integration.
Eran Dagan (Israeli, 1987)—Business and Economics Student
Eran was raised in Moshav Kfar Sirkin, where he was a counselor in the "Bnei Hamoshavim" youth movement in high school. For the past eight years, he has been serving as an active officer in the Israel Air Force's (IAF) ground control, completing multiple positions in the fields of commanding, guidance and operations. At IDC, Eran participates in both the economics and business honors programs. He also took a part in the Entrepreneurship Club program "Business Makeover" as a strategic consultant. Eran speaks Hebrew and English. He plans to combine his passion for economics and politics in his career.
Shimon Freedman (Israeli, British, 1991)—Law and Financial Economics Student
Shimon grew up in Jerusalem where he was a counselor in the  "Bnei Akiva" youth movement. In the IDF he served in the intelligence department of the "Maglan" unit and later as a commander. Shimon was the captain of the Israeli high school national debate team and today is on the board of the IDC Debate Society, competing in both national and international competitions. At IDC, Shimon is a senior member of the organizing staff for the Media in Conflict Seminar (MICS) and has participated in the StandWithUs Fellowship and the IDC's team for the ICRC Humanitarian Law Competition. Shimon participates in the law school honors program and the IDC Law Review. He speaks Hebrew and English and hopes to pursue a career in diplomacy.
Nava Getahun (Israeli, 1992)—Government Student
Born and raised in Hadera, Nava served as broadcast producer and editor at the IDF radio ("Galey Tzahal"), where she received an award for her service. She then served as an emissary ("shaliach") for Jewish summer camps in Mississippi. At IDC, Nava interned with Amb. Ron Prosor, represented IDC on the Hillel student tour to US college campuses, and serves on the Media in Conflicts Seminar (MICS) team. Last year she and her friends established a "Memorial Day for Ethiopian Jews who Perished on their Way to Israel." Nava speaks Hebrew and English and hopes to pursue a career which will enable her to make a difference in the lives of people in Israel, whether in the public sector or in the media.
Yuval Granit (Israeli, 1986)—Law and Government Student
Yuval grew up in Herzliya. He has served for 12 years as an officer in the IDF artillery force combat units. At IDC, he has taken part in the Adjudicative Procedures and Decision-Making Practicum, he is a member of the Radzyner Law School Honors Program and served as a member on the editorial board of the  Law and Business Law Review. Yuval is married to Ayelet and lives in Tel Aviv. He speaks English and Hebrew. Yuval plans to continue to serve his country in the fields of law, policymaking and security.
Penny Grunseid (American, Israeli, 1993)—Government (International) Student
Penny was born and raised in New York, and moved to Israel at the age of 18. She spent her first year studying Jewish law and philosophy and volunteering with victims of terror. She then enlisted to the IDF as a lone soldier, serving in the International Relations Department of the Israel National Defense College, coordinating programming and translating lectures in national security as well as serving as a liaison for foreign military delegates. At IDC, Penny is an honors student and has participated in the Ambassadors Club and Israeli Student Pugwash. She has interned at Kohelet Policy Forum, a Jerusalem-based policy think tank, and at HonestReporting, an organization that monitors the media for bias against Israel. Penny speaks Hebrew and English. She hopes to pursue a career in diplomacy and Israel advocacy.   
​Yael Gruzman (Luxembourger, Belgian, Israeli, 1992)—Communications (International) Student
Yael was born in Belgium and raised in Luxembourg. At the age of 15, she attended boarding school in Israel and in 2011 decided to immigrate to Israel and enlist as a lone soldier through Garin Tzabar. Yael served as a medic on an educational and basic training base in northern Israel while living on a Kibbutz in the Eshkol Region. At IDC, she took part in the European Studies Fellowship Program, the Ambassadors Club and the Entrepreneurship Club. Yael currently works as a PR assistant for an NGO and as a research assistant at IDC. She speaks German, English, Hebrew, French, Luxembourgish, Russian and Flemish. Yael's career objective is to make a positive change in the world’s perception of Israel.
Shani Hamburger (Israeli, Canadian, 1991)—Government Student
Shani was born in Canada and was raised in Pardesiya, where she was highly involved in social and community activities including serving as a counselor in the Israeli Scouts ("Tzofim") Association. In the IDF, she served as an operation officer in the "Haruv" battalion and as a platoon commander in the officers' academy. Following her discharge, Shani volunteered at " Lema'anam," caring for Holocaust survivors, and as a junior high teacher at the "Beshvil" Project. At IDC, she interned for MK and former Health Minister Yael German and was a StandWithUs Fellow. Shani speaks Hebrew and English and is studying Arabic and Chinese (Mandarin). She is very passionate about international relations and diplomacy and hopes to represent Israel abroad.
Yarin Keren (Israeli, Romanian, 1990)—Government Student
Yarin served as a commander and instructor of medical staff in the IDF military medical school and then completed one year of general medicine studies in Romania. At IDC, he was a Student Union class representative and participated in the Tempus Project, Model UN, Ambassadors Club, IDC Connect and Shadow Government. Yarin served as a parliamentary intern for MK Dr. Nachman Shai and as a research assistant for the Abba Eban Chair in International Diplomacy. He is also involved in a local leadership group in his hometown of Hadera. Yarin currently serves as a spokesperson for the volunteer project "Mabruk." During the past five years, he has also worked in human resources in the BBB restaurant chain.  Yarin speaks Hebrew, English and Romanian. He is passionate about the fields of international relations and diplomacy, with particular emphasis on strengthening Israel's relations with the American Jewish community.
Patrick Lambert (Brazil, 1993)—Government (International) Student
Patrick grew up in Brazil, where during high school he volunteered at the "Na’amat" and "Chevra Kadisha" organizations, working on fundraising and assisting in restoring a Holocaust memorial site. He volunteered for three years as a tutor for children without family support by developing recreational and pedagogical activities for them and engaged in fundraising campaigns aiming to upgrade their living space. Patrick also volunteered as a teacher for children and youth in an underprivileged community on the periphery of São Paulo. Before joining IDC, Patrick took part in a commerce program in Brazil focusing on entrepreneurship and trade implications for South American markets. At IDC, he participated in the Ambassador’s Club and the Model United Nations Association.  Patrick speaks Portugese, English and Spanish. His areas of interest include international affairs, economics, diplomacy and security strategy.
Guy Landau (Israeli, American, 1989)—Law and Government Student
Guy was born and raised in Ra'anana. He served as an officer in an IDF Field Intelligence unit, serving as a squad commander – in charge of his soldiers from training to operations, and later as a company commander – in charge of 60 soldiers. Two years ago Guy joined the Ra'anana municipal security force, a supplementary policing force for the city. At IDC, Guy volunteered in the Student Union welfare section, and during Operation Protective Edge he volunteered in the IDC "PR War Room." He also participated in the International Law Clinic, working in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice on several current judicial questions Israel faces. Guy speaks Hebrew and English. He plans to work in the private international legal sector.
Ruben Layani (French, Israeli, 1992)—Government (International) Student
Ruben was born in France and moved to Israel on his own at the age of 18, after graduating from high school in Paris. Following a year-long preparatory program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he enlisted to the IDF as a combat soldier in the Nahal Infantry Brigade as a lone soldier. At IDC, Ruben participated in the StandWithUs Fellowship and the Ambassadors Club. In addition, he volunteered as an instructor in the “Aharai” Movement and the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel, regularly visiting a Holocaust survivor at her home. Ruben speaks French, English and Hebrew. He hopes to play an active role in Israel’s foreign policy and diplomacy.
Edgar Maykov (Israeli, Russian, 1990)—Government Student
Edgar was born in Hungary and moved to Israel at age 6 with his family. He has been interested in sports from a young age, including taekwondo, karate and judo, eventually winning the national championship four times. Edgar served as a combat soldier in the IDF Golani Division, later on becoming a commander. At IDC, he has been on the Dean's List and has participated in the Ambassadors Club and the Mentorship Program led by former MK Dalia Itzik. For the last four years Edgar has worked at the United States Embassy and volunteered at Embassy events. He speaks Russian, Hebrew and English. Edgar plans on working hard to achieve his goal of making a positive difference in his community, academically and professionally.
Deborah Mouyal (French, Israeli, 1991)—Government (International) Student 
Deborah was born in Paris and moved to Israel at the age of 19, joining the Tzofim Garin Tzabar program for lone soldiers. She lived for several years in Kibbutz Bar’am in the upper Galilee while serving as an infantry instructor for combat soldiers in the IDF. At IDC, Deborah took part in the Ambassador's Club, the Debate Society, the Herzliya Conference and last year interned for the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) and the Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS). She currently works for the IDC International Marketing division and is a member of the Student Union's reservists’ department. Deborah speaks French, English and Hebrew and is learning Spanish and Arabic. She aspires to gain experience in the field of public diplomacy and possibly establish her own NGO (promoting peace-building between Israelis and Palestinians).
Hema Peswani (Indian, Israeli, 1981)—Sustainability and Government Student
Hema was born to an Indian family in Casablanca (Morocco), where she studied tourism and inter-cultural communication. After moving to Israel in 2006, she lived in kibbutzim in northern  Israel and became a single mother. In partnership with the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, Hema worked for the NGO "Bridge to The Future" in Beit Shean, empowering residents to thrive in challenging neighborhoods. She funded an animal association, an organic co-op and served as the Municipality's representative to Jordan to strengthen the inter-regional cooperation on groundwater. Hema also holds a real estate license and a specialization in digital community management.  At IDC, she volunteers at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT). Hema is fluent in English, Hebrew, French and Spanish and can also converse in Hindi, Sindhi and Moroccan Arabic. Passionate about leadership, she seeks a meaningful career in the international arena.
Jackie Shpilman (Israeli, 1993)—Psychology Student
Jackie grew up in Ra'anana, where she was a captain of the national volleyball team. She served in the IDF as a personnel affairs NCO in the Golani Brigade. Following her discharge, Jackie worked as a social instructor at the "Enosh" mental health organization, specializing in schizophrenic patients. At IDC, she participates in the "brain and mind" honors program, working as a research manager in the neuro-psychology lab and writing her thesis on how brain connectivity in ADHD patients is influenced by Ritalin. Jackie is an active member of the psychology school social involvement team and participated in the Tempus DO IT program for multicultural society in Israel. She speaks fluent English and Hebrew and elementary Russian. Jackie plans a career in the public sector or in academia.
Jonathan Sperling (Finnish , 1994)—Government (International) Student
Jonathan was born and raised in Finland, where during high school he volunteered in activities and events that promoted start-up development and trade on a global scale. Following graduation, he worked in the private sector, focusing on foreign market research. At the age of 19, Jonathan embarked upon a journey to study in Israel. At IDC, he participated in the Ambassadors Club and Model United Nations. Jonathan actively volunteers to tutor students who struggle with their studies and interned at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT). He speaks English, Hebrew, Finnish and Swedish. Jonathan plans a career in the realms of diplomacy and economics.
Tal Tendler (Israeli, 1990)—Communications Student
Tal was born in Herzliya and raised in Even Yehuda, where he participated in the Israeli "Tzofim" (Scouts) Youth Movement and graduated high school with awards for high achievement and for contribution to the school community. He served as a commander in the IDF Artillery corps. Following his discharge, Tal spent two summers as a Jewish Agency "shaliach" (emissary) in New York. At IDC, he joined the delegation to Poland as a member of the Student Union. During the Israeli elections, Tal participated in the "Hoshvim Mazbi'im" project, interviewing politicians in order to help students formulate informed opinions. He speaks Hebrew and English. Tal plans to work in the fields of communication and new media while trying to be unique and influential in everything he does.
Stav Zohar (Israeli, 1988)—Government Student
Stav grew up in Moshav Orot in southern Israel, where he served as a youth leader and educator in the "Bnei Hamoshavim" youth movement. In the IDF he served in the elite "Duvdevan" combat unit. Following his discharge, Stav co-founded a public diplomacy organization called "ExplaiNation." At IDC, he participated in the European Studies Program and the Ministry of the Interior of the Shadow Government Program. He also worked at IDC's Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS), analyzing surveys for the annual Herzliya Conference. Stav is fluent in both Hebrew and English and is a proud husband to Judy and father to Ori. His main goal is to take an active part in Israel's international affairs and to make a change through both the public and private sectors.