Meet the Fellows

Argov Class of 2019




Shir Beeri (Israeli, German, Romanian, 1993), Government Student
Shir grew up in the village of Kfar Yedidya. In high school, she was a member of the Israeli shooting team and represented Israel in various shooting competitions abroad. Shir served in the IDF armored corps as an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) training officer. At IDC, she participated in the European studies program and volunteered on the content team of MICS (Media in Conflicts Seminar), advancing to serve as the head of MICS 2018. Shir also volunteered at the "Neve Hadar" boarding school in Emeq Hefer. She speaks Hebrew and English and is interested in pursuing a career dealing with developments in the fields of international relations, diplomacy and community.

Walter Ben Artzi (Israeli, French, Chilean 1993), Government Student
Walter was born in Paris to a French-Chilean family. In high school, he won a national competition in history and two literary prizes. After moving to Israel in 2013, Walter  served in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit as the head of the IDF New Media French Desk and in the reserves as a liaison with the foreign press. As a HESEG scholarship recipient at IDC, he participated in the European studies program, interns at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), serves on the organizational staff of MICS and represented IDC at the national International Humanitarian Law competition. Walter volunteers with lone soldiers and students with learning disabilities. He speaks English, Hebrew, French and Spanish. Walter is happily married to Sarah and plans to pursue studies in the field of security in order to serve as a bridge between Europe and Israel.
Ariel (Ari) Brodkey (Israeli, American, 1992), Government Student
Ariel was raised in Omaha, Nebraska where he was active in the Boy Scouts, USY, and Jewish communal life. After high school, he came to Israel on the “Nativ” program and joined the IDF through “Garin Tzabar,” serving in an elite special forces unit, earning a citation for his contributions during Operation Protective Edge. At IDC, he has taken an active role in the RRIS Debate Society, participating in international competitions, and also participated in the Ambassadors Club and Israel advocacy. Ariel is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys mountain biking, trekking, and survival skills. He also volunteers for the Lone Soldier Center. He speaks English and Hebrew. Ariel plans to complete a master's degree and pursue a career that combines his passions in strategy, law, international relations, and conflict resolution.
Maia Budman (Israeli, Argentinian, Canadian, 1991) Computer Science Student
Maia was born in Argentina and spent much of her teenage years in Canada. After completing her B.A. in political science at the University of Manitoba, she moved to Israel to pursue a B.Sc. in computer science at IDC. Having gone through so many changes in environment, Maia always turned to her local Jewish community to find comfort and a sense of belonging. Understanding the importance of this community in her life prompted her to volunteer with the Canadian and Argentinean Hillel organizations to help remediate the lack of sense of community among Jewish youth. Maia speaks English, Spanish and Hebrew. She aspires to bridge the gap between technology, government and international relations.
Aviva Dasia (Israeli, 1993), Government and Sustainability Student
Aviva was born in Gondar, Ethiopia. In 1998 she immigrated with her family to Israel, growing up in Yokne'am Illit as the eldest of 11 children. In the IDF, Aviva served as a simulator instructor in the Meitar unit of the artillery corps. On Israel's 66th Independence Day, she was honored as one of the outstanding soldiers of the Israeli President. At IDC, as an “Israel at Heart" scholarship recipient, Aviva participated in the Entrepreneurship Club, GreenBiz, and the  "70faces" social project, where she documented people who comprise Israeli society, and volunteered at the Herzliya Conference. She speaks Hebrew, English and Amharic. Aviva aspires to a career combining her interests in entrepreneurship and environment to create an egalitarian, sustainable society.
Noa Evron (Israeli, 1992), Law and Government Student
Noa was born and raised in Tel Aviv, where she was a guide for special needs children and a coordinator in the Israeli Scouts. In the IDF, she served as a navigation guide and commander in the combat collection unit. At IDC, where Noa is on the dean’s list, she participated in the Model United Nations Society (IDCMUN), StandWithUs fellowship and served as the head of the social involvement section of the IDC student union. Noa was also an exchange student at Sciences Po University in Paris. She speaks Hebrew and English. Passionate about diplomacy and international relations, Noa aspires to shape Israel’s foreign policy and go on to represent Israel abroad.
May Finkelstein (Israeli, 1992), Government Student
May grew up in Givatayim, where she was the chairman of the student union and active in various youth councils. She participated in a pre-military “mechina” program on Kibbutz Beit Govrin, going on to serve as the chairman of its alumni association. May served in the IDF 8200 intelligence unit. Following her discharge, she was a counselor for an Israeli-American youth delegation and a coordinator for the "Masa" program. At IDC, May directed the Democracy Day conference and participated in a delegation to US college campuses with Reservists on Duty and a Model UN delegation to Spain. She also volunteered with Holocaust survivors. May speaks English and Hebrew and, following graduate studies in the US, plans to pursue a career in the diplomatic field.
Jordan Fox (Israeli, Uruguayan, 1989), Government Student
Jordan was born in Israel and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay. Following high school, he joined the IDF as a lone soldier, serving as a combat commander in the Golani brigade. Upon his release, Jordan worked for the government security forces, stationed at Israeli diplomatic missions in New Delhi and New York. At IDC,  he was a counselor at the Recanati International School, head of the IDC Poland Delegation, and a member of the IDC Debate Society. Jordan has served as an intern for members of Knesset and is an active participant in the Reservist on Duty Gideon Project. He speaks Spanish, English, and Hebrew. Jordan wishes to pursue a meaningful career combining his passions for government and technology.
Roei Friedberg (Israeli, 1991), Government Student
Roei was born in Tel Aviv and, after two years in London, returned to Karmey Yosef, where was a counselor in the Maccabi youth movement. In the IDF, he served as a combat commander and officer in the Paratroopers brigade for six and a half years during the Brother's Keeper and Protective Edge operations. He completed his service as a company commander and now he volunteers in the Paratroopers Heritage Association. Roei also leads the "Now It's My Turn" project, lecturing on leadership and significant military service in Israeli high schools. At IDC, Roei is on the dean's list and participated in the “Tribal Enterprise" project. He speaks Hebrew, English and basic Arabic. Roei plans to serve his country in the fields of security, education and diplomacy.
Akiva Fund (Israeli, American 1991), Law and Government Student
Akiva grew up in Jerusalem and currently lives in Efrat. In high school, he was a counselor in the Bnei Akiva youth movement. Akiva spent a year studying Judaic studies at Yeshivat Har Tzion and then served as an IDF paratroop officer and platoon commander during Operation Protective Edge. At IDC, he participates in the law school honors program, StandWithUs fellowship, the International Law Clinic, and competed in the Red Cross International Humanitarian Law competition. Akiva also worked as a legal assistant at the Tel Aviv district court. He is married to Ilana, a medical resident, and father to Yotam. Akiva speaks English and Hebrew. Following a legal internship in litigation, he plans a career in the field of policy and strategy advising.
Danielle Glickman (Israeli, 1991), Government Student
Danielle grew up in Yehud, where she was a counselor in the Israeli Scouts. Following a pre-military preparatory program ("mechina"), she served in the IDF as an infantry instructor. Following her discharge, she worked for four years as a counselor at Jewish summer camps in North America. At IDC, Danielle works at the Knesset as a member of the government relations team for the national Student Union. She also participated in the StandWithUs fellowship, served as an orientation week counselor and was head of advertising for a department of the Student Union. Danielle also interned at a communication consulting company. She speaks speak Hebrew, English and Spanish. Danielle aspires to represent Israel abroad and to pursue a career in diplomacy and Israel advocacy.
Keren Guttman (Israeli, Argentinian 1994), Government Student
Born to Argentine parents and educated in Austria and Thailand for six years, Karen cultivated tolerance and a global perspective. During high school, she served as president of the student union and volunteered with Magen David Adom. Keren served in the IDF as a boot camp commander specializing in youth in distress. After backpacking through South America, Keren enrolled at IDC, where she volunteered with the Student Union, served as head of logistics and coach for the IDC Model United Nations Society and competed in an international humanitarian law competition hosted by the ICRC. She also worked as a debate instructor. Keren speaks English, Hebrew, and Spanish. She plans a career in international humanitarian law.
Sapir Mizrahi (Israeli, French, Belgian, 1992), Communications Student
Sapir was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, where she was a member of the “Hanoar Hatzioni” youth movement. She moved to Israel with her family at age 14 and served in the IDF Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories unit ("COGAT") as the spokesperson for the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria. At IDC, Sapir volunteered with the marketing department of the Entrepreneurship Club and served as a member of the IDCMUN. She has worked as the executive assistant for the Maccabiah CEO and for the publisher of “Asia Times” news and production company.  Sapir speaks Hebrew, Dutch, English and French. She aspires to be part of the Israeli PM’s communication department or a diplomat and to change global perceptions of Israel.
Dafna Naamany (Israeli, 1991), Law and Government Student
Dafna grew up in Yehud, where she was a counselor in the Scouts and later at a Jewish summer camp in Mississippi. She volunteered for a year as an instructor in a juvenile delinquents' detention facility and then served as an officer in the elite IDF K-9 Oketz unit. As a student, Dafna resided in the students' village in Lod, an initiative to help develop the city socially and educationally. At IDC, she contributed to the IDC law review and is active in the Student Union as the head of the law students' committee representing students facing disciplinary procedures. Dafna also coordinates the legal clinic in association with the Ogen association which helps provide legal protection to whistleblowers. Dafna speaks English and Hebrew and aspires to a career as an attorney in the public sector.
Kelly Odes (South African, 1997), Government Student
Kelly was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she represented her high school as a member of the Johannesburg Junior City Council and graduated cum laude. She moved to Israel at 19 to attend IDC, where she served as a class representative for 2 years and participated in the Debate Society, Model United Nations and the Ambassadors Club. Kelly interned for the Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy led by Amb. Ron Prosor and at the Israeli Mission to the United Nations. She speaks English, Hebrew and Afrikaans. Kelly plans to draft to the IDF and aspires to a policymaking career promoting Israel’s regional cooperation efforts.
Yotam Rand (Israeli, 1992), Government Student
Yotam was born and raised in Karmiel in northern Israel. In the IDF, he served as a communication officer in the Nahal brigade and as operation officer in the intelligence corps. He continues active service as a military reserve officer. At IDC, Yotam has participated in the StandWithUs fellowship, Media and Conflict Seminar (MICS) and Model UN. He is a member of the Student Union military reserves department and a research assistant for Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS). Yotam currently works as an IT project manager for the IDF. He speaks Hebrew and English. Yotam plans to continue serving his country in the fields of diplomacy and security.
David Roi (Israeli, 1991), Government Student
David was born in Jerusalem and raised there and in New York. Following 2 years at a pre-military academy ("mechina"), he joined the IDF Golani infantry brigade, serving as a reconnaissance officer and a commander at Officer Training School. In the reserves, he commands a special forces company. David founded the non-profit organization “Tzalash” to help religious soldiers and also volunteers for “Aharai!” association working to empower youth from Israel’s periphery. At IDC, he participated in the European studies program and served as a class representative. He is married to Rebecca and the proud father of Libbi. He speaks Hebrew, English and conversational Spanish. David aspires to influence Israel's future in the realms of government, security, and business.
Tamar Sacerdoti (Israeli, American, Italian 1993), Law and Government Student
Tamar was born and raised in Michigan. After moving to Israel at 17, she served 3.5 years as a liaison officer in the IDF Foreign Relations Unit working with international organizations and regional militaries. At IDC, Tamar served on the editorial board of the Law and Business Review, participated in the International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic, worked as a research assistant on constitutional and contract related issues and heads “Olim L’Misphatim”, an IDC tutoring program for new immigrants studying law. Tamar is the head of the international department at Robus Legal Marketing & Consulting. She speaks English, Hebrew and conversational Italian. Following her legal internship, she seeks to develop a career impacting Israel’s international influence.
Or Samia (Israeli, 1992), Law and Government Student
Or was born and raised in Netanya. After high school, she was accepted to a designated officers track in the IDF, serving as a commanding officer and finishing with honors. At IDC, where she is on the dean's list, Or served as head of the Student Union publicity department, Orientation Week mentor and volunteered at "Derech Haetgar" project, assisting high school students from a low socioeconomic status. She also participated in the StandWithUs fellowship, bringing a delegation of influential Latin Americans to Israel and as a teaching assistant of former Amb. Ron Prosor. Or speaks English, Hebrew and Spanish. She aspires to a diplomatic career representing Israel.
Ofek Sinai (Israeli, 1991), Law and Government Student
Ofek grew up in Herzliya. In the IDF, he served as a captain in the IDF paratroopers brigade and currently as a reserve infantry platoon commander. Ofek volunteers as a youth mentor at “Bishvil,”  encouraging youth to engage in community service, and works as a legal assistant for a law firm. At IDC, where he is on the dean’s list, Ofek participated in the Zvi Meitar Emerging Technologies Program and the law school’s Capital Market Clinic. He was a member of the Movement for Freedom of Information practicum and interned for MK Aliza Lavie. Ofek speaks Hebrew and English. Following his legal internship, he aspires to a legal career as a litigator alongside pursuing leadership positions in Israeli society and developing an educational leadership program for high school youth.
Tomer Toueg (Israeli, 1992), Psychology Student
Growing up in Herzliya, Tomer’s life revolved around sports. He began his handball career as a member of the middle school handball “sports class.” Tomer then joined the Israeli national handball team, competing internationally and joining the senior team at age 16. In the IDF, he served as "elite athlete," a status that helped him to develop his career and become handball and fitness coach. While continuing to play professionally and coaching the “Bnei-Herzliya" team, Tomer studies psychology at IDC, where he is on the dean’s list. He has also always had a passion for changing people's perspectives about Israel. Tomer speaks Hebrew and English. Through psychology, sports and his coaching ability, he believes he can make a difference in Israeli society.
Liam Weberman (Belgian, 1996), Government Student
Liam grew up in Antwerp, Belgium. After serving on the Jewish security organization and as head of the “Hanoar Hatzioni” youth movement, he moved to Israel in 2015 to study at IDC. With a passion for global cultures, Liam learned Spanish, his 5th language, in Buenos Aires, where he interned at the financial cooperation branch of the Argentinian government. He later participated in an exchange program in Madrid. At IDC, Liam co-hosts a global affairs radio show, interviewing exceptional individuals. He works as a business developer at a tech start-up. Liam is fluent in French, English, Dutch (Flemish), Hebrew, and Spanish. He aspires to develop solutions for global challenges leveraging relationships among the private sector, civil society and international institutions.