Meet the Fellows

Argov Class of 2018




Nathan Altshuler (Israeli, American, 1991), Communications Student ​
Nathan grew up in the US as the eldest of 9 in a family of Russian immigrant parents. In 2012, he moved to Israel, where, following participation in the pilot “Olim L’Tavor” pre-military program, he was drafted to the paratroopers. Following his service, Nathan served as the coordinator of “Olim L’Tavor” and then coordinated pre-military programs for the Ministry of Defense. At IDC, he is a recipient of the HESEG Scholarship and a Student Union class representative, also working for the Lone Soldier Center. Nathan has served as the foreign relations coordinator for Reservists on Duty, volunteered at the Tavor pre-military academy and worked in security for Israel Railways. He speaks only Russian, Hebrew and English, but can communicate with everyone. Nathan hopes to continue to serve his country in the fields of diplomacy, community and security
Roy Argov (Israeli, 1993), Law and Government Student
Roy was born and raised in Tel Aviv, where he took part in high school youth delegations to Singapore and Germany. At the age of 15, Roy was a news anchor on the Children's Channel and later at Channel 10 News for children. In the IDF, he served in the coordination of government activities in the Territories ("COGAT") unit, where he promoted humanitarian projects in the economic and infrastructure field in cooperation with the international community. At IDC, Roy was an exchange student at Sciences Po University in Paris, a member of the Student Union spokesperson department and a participant in the Shadow Government program. He speaks Hebrew and English. Roy will do his law internship in the field of international litigation. Passionate about international relations and diplomacy, he hopes to go on to represent Israel abroad.
Nicole Bery (Ecuadorian, Israeli, 1996), Government (International) Student 
Nicole was born in Mexico City and raised in Quito, Ecuador. Growing up, she studied at the only Jewish high school in Ecuador and was a leader in “Hanoar Hatzioni,” the Jewish Zionist youth movement. After graduation, Nicole took part in “Hanoar Hatzioni”’s gap year in Israel, which led her to immigrate to Israel at 19. She immediately began her studies at IDC, where she completed the StandWithUs Fellowship, volunteered with the marketing department, and served as president of the IDC Model United Nations Society (IDCMUN). Nicole speaks English, Spanish and Hebrew. She is passionate about diplomacy, conflict resolution, and international institutions, with an emphasis on Israel's role in the international arena. After serving in the IDF, Nicole hopes to work at the UN.
Shai Behar (Israeli, 1993), Government Student
Shai grew up in Rosh Ha’ayin, where she was a counselor in the Israeli Scouts. After serving in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, she volunteered for two years at “Save a Child’s Heart.” At IDC, Shai is a class representative, board member and head of the academic forum at the Student Union. As a participant in the StandWithUs Fellowship, she and her teammates brought a delegation of influential figures from Latin America to Israel. Shai was a member of the organizing staff for the Media in Conflict Seminar (MICS), head of the PR and marketing department at the Student Union and a participant in the Birthright Excel Program. She works at the Ministry of Justice’s PR and digital department. Shai speaks Hebrew and English and hopes to pursue a career in diplomacy and Israel advocacy. 
Sapir Blau (Israeli, Romanian, 1992), Law Student
Sapir was raised in Romania and moved to Israel at the age of 23, after completing her B.A. in economics and gender, women and sexuality studies at Grinnell College. She interned for the Dershowitz Group, a public affairs consulting firm, focusing on congressional research and later researched Latin American counterterrorism at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. At IDC, Sapir has participated in the StandWithUs Fellowship, the ICRC Humanitarian Law Competition, and the Global League summer program in Mexico City. She also participated in the law school’s International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic. Sapir speaks Hebrew, English, Spanish, French and Romanian. She plans to complete a legal internship in international humanitarian law and hopes to help shape Israel’s foreign policy.
Arie Gellman (Israeli, Canadian, 1989), Business and Entrepreneurship Student
Arie was born and grew up in Jerusalem. He served as a combat commander and officer in the elite IDF "Maglan" unit and continues to serve in reserves and volunteer in the unit's alumni association. Arie has worked with youth groups in various programs, including establishing a pre-army program for Israeli emissaries at the JCC in Toronto. He currently serves as a youth counselor in a pre-army preparatory (“Mechina”) program. At IDC, Arie is on the dean's list and participated in the Social Entrepreneurship Program. He is a marathon runner and a competitive triathlete. Arie is married to Hannah and the proud father of twins. He speaks Hebrew and English. Arie strives to create a better sport-oriented culture in Israel and to initiate a social program that will promote Israeli education through competitive sports.
Rebecca Gerger (American, Israeli 1989), Government (International) Student
Born and raised in the US, Rebecca moved to Israel at age 20. Prior to that, she was a certified wilderness instructor and lived for half a year outdoors in the Rocky Mountains. Rebecca served as an IDF combat soldier in the "Karakal" infantry brigade. At IDC, where she is on the dean’s list, Rebecca has participated in the StandWithUs Fellowship, worked at the Knesset as an intern for MK Robert Ilatov, and is conducting joint research with Professor Karine Nahon in the field of information, technology, and politics. She speaks Hebrew and English and aspires to gain experience in the field of diplomacy and international relations with the hope of one day representing Israel abroad and advancing the country’s international standing.
Avital Goshen Goldstein (Israeli, 1992), Government Student
Avital was raised in a small kibbutz in northern Israel by parents who immigrated from the former Soviet Union. After graduating from the Israel Arts and Science Academy for gifted high school students, she served as a Jewish Agency emissary (“Shlicha”) in Connecticut, where she programmed activities, lectures and community events to strengthen the connection between the community and Israel. Avital served as an IDF electronic warfare technician and later on as an officer, taking part in the IDF delegation to a Jewish summer camp in Massachusetts. At IDC, she was a counselor at the Recanati International School and participated in the European Studies program, Ambassadors Club and Student Union. Avital Speaks Hebrew, English and Russian. She is passionate about creating and strengthening connections between Jews in the Diaspora and Israel.
Michael Hahn (Swedish, Israeli, 1992), Government (International) Student
Michael was born and raised in Stockholm, where he volunteered for JSS (Jewish Security Sweden). After moving to Israel in 2011 and preparing for military service through the “Garin Tzabar” program for lone soldiers, he was drafted to an IDF special operations unit of the paratrooper brigade where he served as a squad commander. Following his discharge, Michael worked in security and medical attendance for visitors in Israel. At IDC, he participated in the Ambassadors Club and recently completed an internship at ISDEF, Israel’s largest homeland security and defense exposition. Michael also volunteers for the “Garin Tzabar” Program for lone soldiers. He speaks English, Hebrew, Swedish and basic German. Michael aspires to a meaningful public sector career in Israel, seeking diplomatic innovations within the field of security.
Guy Hilb (Israeli, 1989), Economics Student
Guy grew up in Kiryat Gat in southern Israel, where he was a counselor in the JNF youth movement. Following a year of volunteer service (“Shnat Sherut”) as a tour guide in Ein Gedi Field School educating diverse groups about Israel through nature, he served as a combat soldier in the IDF artillery force. Following his discharge, Guy became a certified dive instructor and worked in the East Pacific archipelago of Palau. At IDC, he participates in the honors program in economics. Guy also serves as an intern in the national economic council department of the Prime Minister’s Office. He speaks Hebrew and English and believes that social prosperity leans on a strong economy. For that reason, Guy seeks for a meaningful career in the public sector working for the Ministry of Finance.
Alisa Kaplan (Israeli, Russian, 1996), Government and Law Student
Alisa was born and raised in Yeruham in southern Israel in a family from the former Soviet Union. After graduating from Atid High School for Sciences, she was accepted to participate in the IDF academic reserve (“Atuda”) program, through which she will complete her law degree and then to go on to serve six years as an officer in the IDF Military Advocate General. Alisa is a former editorial board member and current editor of the IDC Law and Business Review. She was a fellow in the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) project, participated in the Legal Aid and Social Involvement Legal Clinic, and was a member in the Ministry of Finance of the Shadow Government program. Alisa currently works as a legal assistant at a law firm. She is fluent in English, Hebrew and Russian.   
Achiya Klein (Israeli, 1991), Government Student
Achiya was born and raised in Kibbutz Kfar Etzion and served as a special operations officer in the “Yahalom” combat engineering unit of the IDF. During a search and destroy mission to expose tunnels from Gaza, he was seriously injured and lost his sight. Despite this life-changing injury and a difficult rehabilitation program, Achiya continued serving with his unit, developing technology to assist in the discovery of clandestine terror tunnels. After his discharge, he joined other physically challenged veterans and became a part of the Israeli Paralympics team and began training for the Iron Man Challenge. With his unique message of hope and resilience, Achiya has become a speaker in both English and Hebrew on behalf of the IDF and veterans’ organizations. His long-term goal is to be part of Israel’s diplomatic corps.
Avichai Korn (American, Israeli, 1990), Communications (International) Student
Avichai was born in Philadelphia, the grandson of Bertram W. Korn rabbi, historian, and admiral (USNR). As a youth he volunteered with Friendship Circle, a community-based initiative for Jewish children with special needs, visiting Israel in summers and fostering a strong bond with the Jewish State. Following high school, Avichai volunteered in the 101st paratroopers company where he served for two years. At IDC, he has played an active part in student life, participating in the RRIS Poland Delegation, the European Studies program, and the RRIS Debate Society while working as a writer for Israeli NGO's and a research assistant for the European Studies program. Avichai speaks English and Hebrew and plans to work in the fields of diplomacy, academia and government
Stav Lavi (Israeli , 1993), Law and Government Student
Stav grew up in the village of Kochav Yair. In high school, she participated in a German embassy delegation to Berlin and served as an IDF as a psycho-technical analyzer. A student in the law school honors program, Stav has participated in the International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic, the national competition of the ICRC on International Humanitarian Law, and the Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies. She was a member of the Moot Court, and, as a member of the Debate Society, she competed in both national and international competitions. Stav is fluent in Hebrew and English. Following her legal internship at the Ministry of Justice, she hopes to attain a position which will enable her to impact the newly-forming legal doctrines in international humanitarian and criminal law.
Ashley Madeisky (Australian, 1997), Government (International) Student 
Ashley was born in South Africa, grew up in Australia and moved to Israel independently at age 17. She toured and volunteered across Israel in her first year, ranging from serving as a “Magen David Adom” first responder in Netanya to teaching English in Tiberias. At IDC, Ashley is the academic coach of the IDC Model United Nations Society and deputy secretary general of the Israeli MUN Association’s International Conference at IDC. In addition, she has participated in the Ambassadors Club and Debate Society. Ashley enjoys painting, playing netball and throwing javelin. Her deep connection to Israel, Australia and the UN catalyzes her desire to pursue a career in international diplomacy between Israel and Australia
Michel Peterson (Argentinian, Israeli, 1986), Government (International) Student
Michel is a highly-motivated, objective-oriented person who has set himself on a path to better the lives of others. He volunteered for 7 years as a strategic advisor to the Jewish community leadership in Argentina before seeking new opportunities to leave his mark on the world. At IDC, Michel is working on a joint research with Professor Karine Nahon in the area of information, technology, and society. He also has 12 years of experience in the IT industry, where he progressed from being a self-taught software engineer to become a software development manager. Currently a software engineer at Red Hat, Michel contributes to technological advancement through open source, combining his altruistic and technological passions. He speaks Spanish and English. Michel hopes to integrate government and IT to advance society and governmental decision making.
Gabriela Rolnik Lisauskaite (Lithuanian, Israeli, 1991), Law and Government Student
Gabriela was born in Lithuania, graduating high school summa cum laude and serving as a member of the school’s parliament. In Lithuania, she actively participated in Jewish communities, tolerance projects, and mass graves projects. Gabriela came to Israel and joined the IDF as a lone soldier in the medical unit. Awarded a Heseg Scholarship to study at IDC, she participated in the International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic, the European Studies and Olmek programs, and researched for the International Institute for Counter Terrorism. In Israel, Gabriela has taken part in Israeli Students Combating Antisemitism, the Foundation of Holocaust Survivors, and the Big Brother Association for Lone Soldiers. She is fluent in Lithuanian, Hebrew, English and Russian. After an internship at Meitar law firm, Gabriela plans a career in the fields of law and government
Shiran Rodenberg (Israeli, Dutch, 1992), Government (International) Student
Shiran was born and raised in the Netherlands. She moved to Israel in 2011 as part of the “Garin Tzabar” Program for lone soldiers and served as a control officer in the Israel Air Force (IAF). Shiran worked for 2 years in the Israel's Airport's Authority as a preventive profiler and currently works as a security analyst at IBM. She also volunteers as a counselor with the IDF Widows and Orphans Organization. At IDC, Shiran serves as vice president and secretariat member of the Model UN Society, participating in international competitions abroad and hosting the upcoming Israeli Model UN International Conference at IDC. She speaks English, Hebrew and Dutch and aspires to a diplomatic career representing Israel.
Reut Rotem (Israeli, 1995), Business Administration (International) Student
Reut was born in Israel, but spent five years of her childhood in the US and six years, including high school, in Australia due to her parents’ roles as emissaries of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She served in the international relations unit of the IDF planning directorate. Her duty as a liaison officer gave her the opportunity to work alongside international organizations and national military forces with the goal of improving cooperation and strengthening relations between Israel and its counterparts. Reut began her business studies at IDC immediately following her release from the army. She speaks fluent English and Hebrew and aims to utilize her experience from the IDF to take an active part in strengthening Israel’s international relations through the public sector.
Yair Rudick (American, Israeli, 1992), Government (International) Student
Yair was born in San Diego, California and moved to Chicago with his family during high school, where he was involved in pro-Israel organizations. After graduating, he moved to Israel and joined the IDF, serving as a commander in an IDF field intelligence unit. Yair then enrolled at IDC and began working at IP&D, a consulting firm specializing in the European Union and EU researchers. In addition, he volunteers in the “Aharai” program for underprivileged youth, where he helped to establish the “Aharai B’emunah” sub-program designed to empower at risk Haredi Youth. Yair speaks Hebrew and English. He hopes to complete a master’s degree and pursue a career in national and international development.
Lynn Shami (Israeli, 1992), Sustainability and Government Student
Lynn was born in Israel and spent much of her childhood in Europe. In the IDF, she served on the border of Gaza as an operations officer. During high school, Lynn studied Jewish law at Bar-Ilan University, and after her military service, completed a certificate study program in capital markets. At IDC, she participated in the European Studies program, the Ministry of the Environment of the Shadow Government program, and volunteered at the Student Union. Lynn also mentored in a community service project to help students improve their academic skills and has worked as an El Al flight attendant, a technical help desk representative and a mentor for debate and interpersonal communication. She speaks English and Hebrew and plans a career combining entrepreneurship, sustainability and government to improve living standards worldwide.
Michael Starr (Canadian, Israeli, 1989), Government (International) Student
Mike was born in Canada and lived in Toronto, Victoria and Australia before moving to Israel. He joined the IDF as a lone soldier, serving as an infantry sniper. After his service, Mike worked as a security escort for tours and later as a maritime security contractor. At IDC, he has participated in the Debate Society, Model UN and Ambassadors Club and worked as a tutor in the English Writing Center. Outside of IDC, Mike has been working with Reservists on Duty's Gideon Project as a representative, and as the civics chair and (more recently) secretary of the local AEPI chapter. He speaks English and Hebrew. Mike plans to pursue a graduate degree in preparation for a career aiming to change perceptions of Israel and the nature of terrorism through education and advocacy.
Yaacov Tessone (American, Israeli, 1995), Business and Economics (International) Student
Yaacov was born in New York City and grew up in the Syrian-Jewish community of Brooklyn. After graduating high school, he spent a year studying Talmud and Jewish philosophy at “Yeshivat Sha’alvim” in Israel and then studied computer science at Yeshiva University for one year. Yaacov moved to Israel to study business and economics at IDC, where he is strongly involved in promoting and creating Jewish activities on campus. He speaks Hebrew and English. Yaacov seeks to make connections between people and ideas, to create meaningful value for others and to contribute to global progress. He hopes to accomplish this through taking on leadership positions in the realms of government, business, and economics.
Sabrina Zeloof (British, Israeli, 1994), Government (International) Student
Sabrina moved to Israel from London with her family at the age of 13. After graduating high school, she joined the elite 8200 IDF intelligence unit. As a student, Sabrina interned with Hillel Neuer at the human rights organization UN Watch in Geneva, speaking on behalf of the organization at the UN Human Rights Council. At IDC, she co-hosts a current affairs radio show called “Who Are You?” Sabrina currently works as an analyst for a business intelligence firm. She speaks English, Hebrew and French. As a firm believer in human interaction and communication, Sabrina hopes to apply her interpersonal skills in the international arena in representing Israel and to try her hand at investigative journalism as part of her pursuit of the element of story.