Yuval Samet: Is a product manager and entrepreneur at heart with a great passion for leading small and big product development communities. In 2011 Yuval joined Klarna (a European bank focused on developing the e-commerce field), when Analyzd, a company he co-founded, was acquired by the bank. During the last 5 years he served in different roles: Built Klarna TLV (together with Uri Nativ and team), built the product group as CPO, and lately as the CTO. He is currently on a journey to start social businesses in Israel, to eradicate poverty with technology.
​Moshe Sarfaty is a Yale University Graduate with years of experience in Finance, Banking, Business Valuation and Equity Funds. He developed the Krypton Investment Mechanism to solve the needs of Business-to-Consumer based startups by merging the worlds of Capital and Media to produce a winning formula for startups.
​Ariel Sacerdoti: 30 year international entrepreneurial and management career, which generated successful companies in the industry valued at hundreds of millions. Started and managed Robomatix, Güdel USA and Pump Engineering (sold to ERI) and led investment projects of about $500M for Ormat, geothermal world leader. Investor/Mentor in SmartTCP, Eagle Rotary, Pump Engineering, Mishor, FairFly, Engie and Mego.
​Amit Keren joined DT Partnership team in early 2014 and brings over 20 years of experience as an international marketing, sales, business development, and operations executive. He started in his career in 1995 at Ornet DCT, an early data communications pioneer, that was acquired by Siemens. From there he moved to marketing and sales roles where he led and won multi-million dollar deals. Aside from executive experience, Amit made a couple of attempts to found startups and is an active angel investor and startup mentor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA.
​Amit Avner started coding at the age of 10, and didn’t really stop since. Currently, he is the founder & CEO of Taykey. Taykey is a real-time audience data company, helping enterprises discover and act on what matter to their audience the most right now. Taykey is backed by Sequoia Capital, SoftBank, Eric Schmidt and other top tier investors. Previously, Amit served in an elite intelligence unit of the IDF and prior to that he, at the age of 14, built one of the world’s first meta-search engines, WittySearch.
Yotam Cohen is the Co-Founder & COO of Wibbitz and heading the product development and R&D center in Israel. He loves the challenge of disrupting existing industries while motivating his company to execute under stress in an agile environment. Some of these are credited to the great experience he received during his 6 years navigating rough seas as a commander in the Navy. Yotam is an executioner by heart and has a true passion for building new products and structured companies around them. Yotam is a Zell 9 graduated and founded Wibbitz during the Zell program.
​Yaron Schechtman: Former Vice President of Business Development at Viber (Acquired by Rakuten)
​Tal Morgenstern Is a Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners.
Nir Tal
​Navot Volk Is a Managing Director at Microsoft Accelerator Israel
​Uri Levine Is a Co-founder of Waze, and founder and Chairman at FeeX
​David Chissick Is a Chairman at Chissick & Company
​Nimrod Bar-Levin is an investor and advisor in early stage startups and does so once a year whenever an enthusiastic team with a passionate dream find their way to him. Nimrod is Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at OnO Apps, which offers high added value iOS, Android and HTML5 based solutions for corporates and startups around the globe. OnO Apps was acquired by Matrix (the biggest IT company in Israel) in 2015. Nimrod completed a joint degree in Law and Business Administration and was in the Zell Entrepreneurship Program powered by the IDC. Nimrod wrote the very first children business book - Buzz's Business - which was sold in Israel and on its way to be published globally. Nimrod is a mountain bike-oholoic for almost two decades.
Ariel Avitan Is a Chief Commercial Officer at Percepto
​Boaz Katz is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Strategy at Bizzabo where he is creating a unique product culture of excellence. He began his career designing and defining airborne interfaces for helicopters with Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky for 3 years while serving in the Israeli Air Force. After this, he continued to lead innovative products as a leading product manager of a small elite research team at Elbit System. Graduated from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya , where he studied for a BA in computer science and participated in the prestigious Sam Zell Entrepreneurship program. Boaz is a skateboarder, surfer, foodie (cooking and eating), fulfilling his passions for building and innovating great products that people love to use.