​Am I Right for Zell?

We are often asked if we have "The perfect Zellot" formula. The answer is "No"​​, but most students demonstrate the following strengths:

  • High academic standing
  • Relevant work and project experience, including exposure to entrepreneurship
  • Good command of the English language (speaking, reading and writing)
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities
  • Completion of a course in Fundamentals of Finance taken no later than the second semester of the application year (mandatory for students from all schools except for psychology)
  • Completion of courses in Marketing and Accounting (recommended)

​Is Zell Right for Me?

The Zell Program is not for most students. It is a combination of a rigorous workload, high expectations and self-controlled schedule with the freedom to dream and create with everyone working to support you. Entrepreneurship means many late nights, short weekends and an overall absolute approach to having your vision come to life – all of which at times can conflict with other personal commitments (full-time job, a packed school schedule, family commitments or any other serious time considerations). However, If you are able to commit yourself fully to the program and eventually your future team, then the Zell Program could be just right for you!