​Special Accommodations during Exams

Reasonable accommodations are provided by Reichman University for students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder. The accommodations are designed to minimize as much as possible the negative effects that these difficulties can have on students' performance, while simultaneously maintaining the exam’s reliability and validity. Therefore, the exam accommodations that Reichman University provides for students with learning disabilities are adjusted in a way that does not alter the essential character of the exams, i.e., the scope of the material tested, or the essence of the exams’ demands upon students (for example, comprehension, applying knowledge, etc.).

To obtain exam accommodations, students must submit acceptable documentation of learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder to Ms. Michal Eyal , administrative coordinator of the Center for Psychological Counseling Services, Tel.: 09-9602872, Email: emichal@idc.ac.il.  After the documentation is submitted, a meeting with a psychologist from the Center will be scheduled where the eligibility for specific accommodations will be discussed. 

For more information on the kind of documentation needed, please see the section on Submitting Diagnoses of Learning Disabilities.

The most common exam accommodations offered at Reichman University are: 33% time extension on exams; using an equation table or a calculator during the exam; writing exams in a computer lab where answers can be typed; having the exam read aloud in English via computer software; and disregarding spelling mistakes when exams are graded or evaluated.

Please note that students with learning disabilities who are found eligible to have exams read to them in English via a computer must practice the use of TextAloud text-to-speech software prior to the exam. All the computer labs on campus (A319. L202, A107, C107, S2, S4) are equipped with TextAloud software for your use.


Click here to download a free trial version of TextAloud which you can use for learning the program. You may also purchase the program, with a good AT&T voice.

No help will be available during a test for students who did not master the use of TextAloud software in advance. If you need further help in learning how to operate the software please write to Ms. Michal Eyal at emichal@dc.ac.il