​The Tribes Initiative


The Tribes Initiative is a unique social initiative inspired by the "four tribes" speech given by President Rivlin at the Herzliya Conference in 2015.

The initiative deals with bridging the rifts in the Israeli society and creating an open tolerant and promoting dialogue by means of mutual learning and exposure to different populations in the society.

The initiative operates in three different tracks in which the volunteer can participate:
The first track is the Arab-Jewish Shagi (brotherhood) project. During the first part of the encounter you will assist Arab Israeli high school students, in 10th to 12th grades, with subjects such as math, English, Hebrew Expression.


During the second part of the encounter the high school students will study spoken Arabic with the accompaniment of Arab teachers.

In addition the meetings will include peak events and special encounters to strengthen ties and more.

The second track is the Religious-Secular Shagi project. In these encounters there is open dialogue with youth from the Haredi sector on the most sensitive burning issues in Israeli society such as religion and state and Judaism and democracy.

At the end of the program a document of understandings concerning these issues will be jointly drafted and submitted to the House of the President. The encounters will include open dialogue on burning issues, fascinating lectures outside campus, tours and peak events.

The third track is the Shevat Achim (Brotherhood) project.  This project creates actual cooperation between students from the campus and Haredi students. The students will meet key figures and will jointly learn how to promote cooperation between the sectors in everyday life in Israel. In addition the students will give lessons at the high schools in the city ending with a peak day event that they will plan together with the high school students to promote social and community cohesion.

The Tribes Initiative in included in the basket of volunteer programs of the Interdisciplinary Center which bestow two credits or community service hours required for scholarships.

For further details and registration to each of the tracks kindly send your CV to mshvatim@gmail.com


To contact the project coordinators:
The Shagi projects (tracks 1 and 2):

Itai Epstein 050-3432640
The Shevat Achim project (track 3):

Noam Kopelzada 050-5753842