To All Students, Greetings,

The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, now celebrating its 25th anniversary, is one of the leading and most prestigious academic institutions in Israel today.

Since its inception IDC Herzliya has grown and developed both in the scope of study programs offered and in the number of students registered in these programs.

These changes create new needs requiring special preparations. Wishing to utilize the most favorable organization and procedures to cope with those needs, it has been decided to hire a special organizational consulting firm to examine IDC Herzliya’s administrative system in depth and in detail. This process is also intended to support the achievement of the IDC Herzliya’s strategic goals, while preserving its spirit and values.


From its foundation IDC Herzliya has considered its students as equal partners and has always stressed the personal touch and maintained a policy of an open door for students. To preserve this it has been recommended that a new administrative function be created under whose auspices will be united all the administrative bodies providing student services and relations throughout a student’s life cycle at IDC Herzliya.


As a result of this recommendation I have been appointed Vice President for Student Affairs. Under this new appointment I consider my first and foremost concern to be for you, the students, in order to enable you to derive the utmost benefit from your studies at IDC Herzliya on the personal, academic and social level.


My areas of responsibility include: The Admissions Department, The Student Administration Department, The Staff Administration Office, The Examinations Department, the Career Development Center, The Athletics Department, The Debate Club, The IDC Herzliya Choir, The IDC Herzliya Dance Group, the tutors’ group, students’ community work, liaison with the Students’ Association, cultural and religious activities (Hillel) and representation of students in front of the IDC authorities. You are welcome to address me in any matter related to the above.


I wish you a fruitful, enjoyable, and successful academic year.


Dr. Ayelet Ben Ezer
Vice President for Administration ​