​Adelson School of Entrepreneurship building was inaugurated in the presence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson


IDC Herzliya held a launching event in honor of the the launching of Adelson School of entrepreneurship building. The launching event was attended by Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson; Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Prof. Uriel Reichman, President and founder of IDC Herzliya; Mr. Oudi Recanati, Chairman of the IDC Board of Directors, faculty, Students, and other dignitaries.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated during the event that "I wish to thank all the dignitaries, mostly Miri and Sheldon for their incredible contribution to this establishment, which in itself is a prime example of Entrepreneurship. Prof. Reichman’s establishment is incredible. Sheldon and Miri, you have so many philanthropic endeavors and your efforts towards Israel, the Jewish people, science, and other goals are all noble".

I would like to speak first about UNESCO. Today, the UNESCO Heritage Committee passed a decision which caused disappointment among the Palestinians and several Arab countries. It was supposed to be passed unanimously, by consensus, because the UNESCO Secretary General said that if it was not passed unanimously, then the decision would not be implemented. For Israel, this is a significant result because one year ago, with a membership that was much more comfortable for us, we received a result that was not as good.  Israel's bilateral relations will also – in the end – be reflected in international forums even though this will take time. It takes time and a little help from above. I said that it would take ten years, in my mind less than ten years, to break the automatic majority in UN institutions. The decisive majority will go from opposing Israel to supporting Israel. This process is happening and it is also expressed in today's vote.

 And indeed the absurdity in the theater of the absurd continues, even if with reduced force. Therefore, I have decided to summon home for consultations our Ambassador to UNESCO and we will decide what to do, what our future steps will be vis-à-vis this organization.

Entrepreneurship changes our future. Why does this school mean so much to me? There are many reasons. During my studies in MIT I took a course in entrepreneurship, and thanks to that course I understood the power of entrepreneurship, which is the primary driver of the economy. The need for an entrepreneurship-friendly environment is crucial for the advancement of science and technology.

For us to grow and prosper, we must first tackle the simple problem that is: there aren't enough Jews in the world. Our numbers are small. History favors large nations and so we must compensate for our small numbers with our courage and our minds. We can achieve all that we set ourselves to achieve through entrepreneurship. It all depends on our ability to harness the potential of the people for science and technology. We have adopted many reforms which would make Israel a business friendly environment, and we must strive for more, since without a successful economy we have nothing. Entrepreneurship makes Israel powerful. Because of our thriving economy we can pay for submarines, planes, and intelligence services which all help guarantee Israel's security.  I highly value every penny that comes from the US, we have also recently signed an important agreement- it counts for a small portion of our defense expenses. A free and prosperous economy helps guarantee our security. Entrepreneurship is a key factor in this process. And I am confident that alongside the Adelsons you will help advance Israel's future and the future of the Jewish people".

Photo by: Ofer Amram

Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson spoke during a talk with Michael Greenspan.

Mr. Adelson said that "I have been asked many times whether entrepreneurs are born or become as such, and I have come to the conclusion that the answer is both.

You can't learn to take risks. You must take a risk and be prepared for failure, you must have the will and passion to get up and try again. It is crucial. I have tremendous respect for Prof. Reichman for his accomplishments. We are very proud of this moment".

Dr. Miriam Adelson said that "One of the most important virtues you must have as an entrepreneur is courage. As time passed, we understood that you aren't necessarily born an entrepreneur; you can learn from others and take risks. Echoing the words of PM Netanyahu, we must create more businesses, so that Israel prospers".

Prof. Uriel Reichman, President and founder of IDC Herzliya, said that: "There is no need to discuss in detail the importance of entrepreneurship to the State of Israel. The success of the Israeli economy is credited to the pioneering entrepreneurship which has reached international acclaim in fields such as agriculture, security and civil technologies, hi-tech, and science. As a result, we have been able to make the markets of the world our own.

Entrepreneurship can only thrive in a competitive market which defends the freedom of labor. The establishment of Adelson School of Entrepreneurship expresses the faith of IDC Herzliya in free entrepreneurship and is a vote of confidence in the future achievements of our students".

Adelson School of Entrepreneurship is the first of its kind in Israel, and provides young entrepreneurs the knowledge and skills which are necessary for their ideas and ambitions to be fulfilled. IDC Herzliya is a groundbreaking institution, and as such, it is a home for future entrepreneurs and will lead the way both in Israel and the world.

The founders of this school prioritized the education of generations of entrepreneurs, to help drive Israel forward, to promote Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship in international markets, and to endow the business and economic leadership of Israel with the spirit and mindset of entrepreneurship.

Adelson School of Entrepreneurship, headed by Prof. Yair Tauman, offers academic courses to all IDC students as part of joint academic programs, or as elective courses. Courses in project planning will teach a methodology of learning through action, alongside courses which enhance the process of creating initiatives with the entrepreneurship toolkit. The elective courses offer students a taste of the various fields of entrepreneurship, technological innovation and strategic thinking, required in order to stay up to date in this ever changing world.

Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson are entrepreneurs and visionaries who see vital importance in educating the future generation of social and economic leaders. This vision has been expressed for decades in new innovative and ambitious projects which they have created across Israel and the world, not only in business and tourism, but also by funding "Birthright", research and treatment clinics for drug abuse, medical research funds, and many educational projects, such as the "Yad Vashem" Holocaust legacy studies. Adelson School of Entrepreneurship now joins their Zionist-educational array, with the goal of supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs in Israel and abroad, among them students from China, where many of Adelson's projects are operating, under the Adelson's lifelong motto: "Always challenge the business status quo”.