Prof. Uriel Reichman, President and Founder of IDC Herzliya, participated in India's "Festival of Innovation"




Prof. Uriel Reichman, President and Founder of IDC Herzliya, attended and participate in "Festival of Innovation”, which took place in India during March. The Festival brought together innovation clubs of central universities, grassroots innovators, students, Nobel laureates. In addition, dozens of foreign participants from many countries attended the festival, such as the United States UK, Singapore, Australia, Finland, France, Saudi Arabia, Canada and China.


The "Festival of Innovation" was initiated by the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, in collaboration with the National Innovation Foundation, in order to increase the scale of innovation in India so that entrepreneurs can help address problems faced by the common person in India.


Some of the activities during the festival included Group Discussion on Incubation and Acceleration Models for innovative start-ups; Innovation and Skill Development; Incentives for Innovation in Public Policy & Programs; Social Innovations for large scale change.


Prof. Reichman co-chaired the round table discussion on "Innovation and Skill Development" and delivered the keynote address on the same subject. Dr. Eric Zimmerman, Academic Secretary and Director of Research at IDC, participated in a panel discussion on the topic: "Leveraging Science, Technology and Innovation: Developing an Inclusive Ecosystem”. Later on, both Prof. Reichman and Prof. Zimmerman made a presentation during a session called "Inspiring Innovations: A Session with Academicians, Technology Business Incubators, senior officers of India and abroad”.