​The Center for Development Social Neuroscience inaugurated at IDC Herzliya


The Center for Development Social Neuroscience, directed by Prof. Ruth Feldman, Simms-Mann Professor of Developmental Social Neuroscience, was inaugurated at Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology at IDC Herzliya. Participating at the event were Prof. Uriel Reichman, President and Founder of IDC Herzliya; Dr. Victoria Simms-Mann & Mr. Ron Simms, Presidents and Founders of the Simms/Mann Family Foundation, which also donated the Simms-Mann Chair in Developmental Neuroscience at IDC Herzliya; and internationally renowned experts in fields of neuro-research and human development that came especially for the center's inauguration.

Prof. Reichman welcomed the guests and praised Prof. Feldman: "In her work, Ruth is aspiring to make society better. Through an intense interdisciplinary research, she's examining how we are functioning as human beings. Ruth also finds how connections between diverse groups in society are built and preserved through human neuro-research, the relationships that he's having and his behavior. Her unique research includes many aspects of science, that come together in order to shed some light on human behavior".

 Prof. Uriel Reichman |Photo by: Adi Cohen Zedek 


Prof. Reichman described the Center for Development Social Neuroscience activity as inseparable from IDC's vision by saying that "First, IDC was founded as a social sciences university, but as we moved forward we understood that social sciences alone is not enough. In order to prepare our students in the best way towards reality and broad social activity, we created new disciplines which combined in its studies various fields, such as science, entrepreneurship, counter-terrorism and digital-media interactions".

Prof. Reichman thanked the Simms-Mann family and referred to Dr. Simms-Mann work, in which she herself is an expert therapist and child psychologist: "We are very excited to have your support. Marching together in this road with you is a sign of excellence, because not only that you are leading activists in society but also you also come from the same relevant science fields that the new center has to offer and you understand their importance. This is a great honor for us and I thank you for your support".

Dr. Simms-Mann said: "From the first moment that I met Ruth I knew that she's an extraordinary person which will do many good things for society. Today, as we stand here and listen to what the center has to offer, we're sure that she will know how to pull many students from Israel and the rest of the world towards her research. Together, they will work to better understand infancy and help many children and families thrive. Ron and I very excited to be here and we wish you the best of luck".

Dr. Victoria Simms-Mann|Photo by: Adi Cohen Zedek 

Prof. Feldman thanked the world-renowned experts that came to Israel for the center's inauguration and said: "Since the beginning, we wanted to conduct high quality science, one that will truly affect people's lives. We examined the human development from a children point of you and through various characteristics, such as love, cooperation, empathy and connections between humans". Prof. Feldman thanked Prof. Reichman for his support and belief in the center's goals and said: "This ceremony and the center's activity is built upon the vision of IDC Herzliya – progress, interdisciplinary and social excellence. It's time that we will change the world together and share out story with it. Thank you all".

 Prof. Ruth Feldman|Photo by: Adi Cohen Zedek

The Center for Development Social Neuroscience and the Simms/Mann Institute operates under Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology at IDC Herzliya. In the center you can find many researchers from different fields that combines interdisciplinary psychological and biological research: hormones, genetics, epi-genetics (environmental influence on genetics), human digestive system and the immune system. This center is unique in comparison to the world, both because its interdisciplinary character and its massive block of knowledge that was gathered in it by doing long-term research that follow children development from the age of infancy throughout their maturity (up to 20 years). Among the many researches that are being conducted in the center, you can find ones that follows premature babies that were distant from their mothers after birth; children that grew up under rocket threats in Sderot; and children to mothers that suffered from depression; all in comparison to normative children.