Shadow Government: A Source of Pride

Now in its second year, the shadow government at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy has become the school’s flagship program and one of its proudest achievements. Founded by the school’s dean, Prof. Boaz Ganor, the shadow government parallels the actual government and monitors its activities, with students acting as Knesset members and ministers. Although led by the Lauder School, the program is open to all IDC Herzliya stu¬dents, and in its first year welcomed students from the fields of Psychology, Communications, Law, Sustainability, and Business, as well as Government. The students are tasked with writ-ing policy papers and suggesting reforms, and each ministry is mentored by a real former MK or minister, as well as by an academic adviser and a teaching assistant. The students also hear lectures by professional advisers from various fields, including former judges, political market¬ing experts, and ministerial office heads. Many of the students in the shadow ministries also visit the equivalent real ministries and meet with officials there. In its first year, the shadow gov¬ernment involved more than 120 students and more than 50 advisers in 21 shadow ministries, produced 15 policy papers, and held nearly 100 meetings and 20 visits to ministries and NGOs.